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 Popes visit to the UK: Does it mark the end of the Reformation in the Uk

I have just come back from evangelising at Westminster and at Hyde Park where we were preaching the Gospel or trying to!

Many People like William Tyndale and others died so that this nation would not be a catholic nation, this is not a small issue!

From what I am told on Friday when the Pope visited, the protesters outnumber the actual congregation at the location he visited and the BBC had to block out the sound of the Protesters! Praise the Lord!

This morning at the Westminster Cathedral event we evangelized, there was not that many people but the amount of people that crowded at Hyde Park, it was interesting to note the nationality as many people from the Philippines and from different European countries and African Nations, this morning there was not to many English People other than loads of either Anglican Ministers or Catholic Priest waving Vatican Flags gaily walking into the bottleneck area at the Train Station to receive literature, with common cry's of I am catholic, I do not need your tracts or I allready know this! when they don't.

Then we trampled on to the marching crowds at Hyde Park in which the crowd was numerous, we did not know what to do as we were not aloud to hand out tracks in the park! So we just put up our banner and people came to us! The numerous evangelists there, brought tears to my eyes as seeing Morgan in the morning and others in the evening and wondering where a few of my evangelist friends had got to!

Why is it important to stand up for the Gospel and against the State Visit of the Pope, the reason is it degrades this nation. William Tyndale died saying open the Kings Eyes on a stake so that England could have the Bible and most other nations. To degrade the death of the Martyrs who have died so that we believe the bible to be a literal book that does not need to be interpretated by a priest or whole litany of doctrines in the Catholic Faith that stand up against the Bible, raising Mary to the same level as Christ. If Charles Spurgeon was here, he would eloquently refute this State Visit as an Abomination on the UK.
Do we stand up for the Gospel that was preached by our forefathers or have we forgotten what they died for or our we like the Proverbial frog in the Pan that accepts every false doctrine or ecumenical thing down the pike, I know 99% of People on this site do not.
I used to walk past a monument that said it Canterbury in Martyrs fields where protestants died "Lest we forget" Have we forgotten! In my home town there is a monument to the Bible! Stand up for Truth or be overtaken by the stream of Filth, Jesus says you are either for me or against me. Doing nothing is not an option like the Atheist it means that you are fighting for the other side!

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: Popes visit to the UK: Does it mark the end of the Reformation in the Uk

Fighting for the other side? Doesn't seem like much fighting is taking place. Or so the media and secular world would make it appear.

There is, without question an intense apathy, an almost demonic passiveness as to what is taking place in Christian circles.

As long as we don't hurt, we don't care. So it seems.

But, I don't think that is how God would have us to be. It does tell us in Jude to contend for the faith. That would be the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, not some man made imitation.

May God help us to stay vigilant, and watch as He told us to.

God bless.

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