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 Pockets of peace

Psalm 72:3
Pockets of peace

Priestly intercession targeting kings and men in authority prepares for and establishes pockets of peace, pockets of rest, 1 Tim 2:2. Moving in intercession in palaces and in the high places of men in authority is not a matter of greater spiritual authority or a matter of effective prayer mechanics. Praying for kings requires ability to come alongside and is a matter of priestly dynamics.

Kings and men in leadership position are men of covenants, representing pacts and parties. Social structures are covenant structures, unified by legal and cultural codes. The spiritual dimension is indeed a covenant dimension in which the Covenant of the Lord is opposed by covenants of religious pretension of various kinds.
God expresses his relation to men as individuals and men as a collective in terms of covenants. He explains fatherhood, especially his own fatherhood, using covenant definitions. Man’s obligations and benefits are set forth and expressed in covenants, pacts and agreements.

Intercession made for kings has to focus on bringing them in touch with true and noble covenant realities. True intercession provokes the spiritual powers operating behind and out from covenants that opposes the true Covenant. True intercession brings light to shine on hidden pacts. True intercession brings in the better Covenant to touch man’s heart and to bring conviction to bear on man’s conscience.
True leadership, God-fearing, godly guided and favoured leadership are men of the true, the better Covenant, Heb 8:6. If there is anything that will mark and make a difference in the lives of genuine leadership, it would be the presence of an ever faithful group of intercessors. True leadership grows and develops where intercessors give themselves to lifelong service. Men of power are made by men of prayer - and women of prayer are at times much more men of prayer than men are.

First-priority-prayer needs to be rock-steady. First-priority-prayer must be precisely on target at any given moment. First-priority-prayer finds its foundation in the covenant reality. Intercession for kings is a matter of covenant fidelity. Intercession for kings cannot allow itself to cease. Its goal is godliness, peace and dignity, 1 Tim 2:2.
Mountains will bring peace, Ps 72:3. When the better Covenant is brought to bear, through intercession and preaching, on decision making in high places, among the kings and presidents and their counsellors it will evidently find repercussions even in nature itself. ”In that day I will also make a covenant for them with the beasts of the field, the birds in the sky and the creeping things of the ground. And I will abolish the bow, the sword and war from the land, and will make them lie down in safety”, Hos 2:18. (Please, read Hos 2:14-23; compare to Jer 5:18-31) Mountains will bring peace. Nature itself will become an expression of the Covenant of grace.

Intercession is sanctified agony, a desperate pursuit of harmony, redemption, balance, dignity, righteousness and rest. Blessed are the peacemakers, Mt 5:9. Blessed are those who are covenant conscious. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Intercession is the pursuit of God. Intercession is following hard after God.
Intercession is restful warfare. Intercessors are warriors at rest. Intercessors have found an open door which no one will shut, Rev 3:7. They have learnt the priestly art of peace, reconciliation and rest. The first and foremost of the warriors serving king David was Josheb-basshebeth. An appropriate name describing the art of priestly intercession - found sitting at rest. First-priority-prayer, prayer warfare reflects and operates in the very mode it is pursuing. The root matches the fruit.

Intercession at its best is a peaceful prophetic prayer pressure to bring about obedience according to covenant reality, Rom 16:26. The Kingdom of God will not allow itself to be violently laid hold of. Any effort to take it by force will contradict its very nature, Rom 14:17.
Daniel interpreted and explained a king’s dream. He described a huge statue, which was standing on feet partly of iron and partly of clay, Dan 2. The statue represented the kingdoms of this world and signified its inevitable destruction. The kingdoms will fall because the clay that will not and cannot, mingle with the iron. Some parts will, I’d say, survive because of the clay.

Clay, pottery, intercessors, restful warriors - the ones allowing themselves to be counted for nothing, available for the Potter’s intentions will cause the fall of many kingdoms, but will at the same time be able to create pockets of peace where kings will bow their knees before the King of kings.
Let Thy kingdom come - we need pockets of peace and rest. Let the mountains bring peace - allow Your Covenant of grace to penetrate our common reality.

Lars Widerberg

Lars Widerberg

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 Re: Pockets of peace

Excellent material, Mr. Widerberg.
One ought to be an intercessor to be able to write on the subject of intercession.

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