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This is in response to the thread
about Katy Perrys' parents:

Parents are supposed to be a godly
example and influence for their
children to follow.
LOVE does not look the other way
while your child is caught up in
the deceptions and delusions and
schemes of the world!!

Martin G. Smith

 2010/9/4 12:02Profile


If you read one of my other posts,it's like my example of talking "goo-goo ga-ga" as your child plays in busy traffic in the name of love! I have 5 small children between 2 & 9 yrs old myself. I will always love them no matter what, but that love would compel me to have a serious tone of prayerful desperation. I would call friends who were holy saints to pray & fast with me for the Lord to move!

 2010/9/4 14:17


I'm not criticizing or being judgmental - I can't even imagine the pain that would cause, but I just know my tone, my focus, my public statements, & the focus of my ministry (using their daughter's sin as a draw for teens & telling parents to just keep on loving them) would personally be different. I would use it as a warning to all by stating publicly that Ioved my child unconditionally, so my prayer was that they repented of their wickedness because they could die tomorrow & spend eternity in torment. Not in an anger, but through tears crying out to God for His intervention. The article read like they didn't agree with her, but were more OK with it than I would be. My 2 cents

 2010/9/4 14:26

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