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 Glenn Beck article Andrew Strom sent out today

-extracts by Jan Markell.

Could we say that the church has failed to wake up very many
people so, by default, a Mormon -- Glenn Beck -- has made quite
a stir and has become an official spiritual leader? He rallied
hundreds of thousands last weekend with themes of faith and love
of our country. Americans are desperate and fearful of what is
coming upon this land so they look to a Mormon for leadership.
I am glad his Saturday event was successful for just some of
these reasons...

* Faith and patriotism were lifted up -- two items that the Left despises.

* Attendees were passionate -- traveling thousands of miles and,
once arriving in D.C., walking for miles, even if handicapped.

* Conservative Americans must gather together to fortify one another.
Such events strengthen one another and offer hope. Finding kindred
spirits in a depressing age is essential...

In light of the positive aspects of the honoring America weekend,
could there possibly be a down side?...

The theme of the Friday gathering of spiritual leaders and the
Saturday rally was an encouragement to turn back to God. The
not-so-subtle theme was "many faiths, but one God."

I believe many conservative Christians would have been relieved if
Glenn had not brought out Mormon doctrine that very few are
familiar with. He stated at the Saturday event that the American
Indians are the "chosen people" -- blatant Mormon doctrine. The
crowd applauded in approval. You can view that here at the 4:30
mark. He stated -- and has affirmed this on his radio and television
programs -- that God is the only answer. While much was trouble-
some last weekend, who else is sticking their neck out saying we
have to turn back to God and gathering hundreds of thousands in
the process? It would be wonderful if Franklin Graham or even Joel
Rosenberg could attract a half-million people and deliver the true
gospel. We aren't quite there yet. Again, by default, we defer to
Glenn Beck.

The weekend opened on Friday night, Augsust 27, with Glenn's
"Divine Destiny" program which again, is straight out of Mormonism.
Many participants have implied, or blatantly stated, that Glenn is a
"saved Mormon" or on the way to becoming one.

Friend and frequent radio guest John McTernan, was present both
days just to observe. He writes on his blog, "There were several
prayers offered at the Friday event and none were made in the
name of Jesus. I was deeply grieved after I left.

"On Saturday, I attended the rally. If it had been just political, I
could accept Beck as a leader; however, it went way beyond that.
I am not questioning anything about Beck's character or motives.
What I am deeply grieved about is that this was not led by the real
church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Is America in such desperate
spiritual condition that masses of Christians will follow a Mormon
for spiritual revival?"

McTernan continues, "The sheep in America are desperate and
fearful of what is coming, so they look to a Mormon for leadership.
A Mormon leading a meeting like this for America turning back to
God should have God-fearing pastors in America on their knees
crying out to God for mercy. I am grieved, not so much with Glenn
Beck, but that the church is so pitifully weak that a Mormon can
now lead God's people, and they do not see the spiritual danger."

What are major Mormon beliefs and how do they play into this
scenario? When God is the professed focus of the August 27-28
weekend, what is the deeper meaning? And Glenn is outspoken
about his Mormon faith. He so-stated that fact many times over
the weekend and in the weeks and months leading up to it. It was
not subtle or hidden. But Glenn does not bring out the bullet points
below because it reads like science fiction.

Mormon theology teaches:

* God was born and raised on another planet.

* He has a harem of wives.

* They produce spirit-babies that are sent to earth; there they gain
bodies and earn sainthood.

* Jesus is the brother of Lucifer.

* Jesus is the chosen/ elected savior by a council of gods from
other worlds.

* America is the promised land, not Israel. The holy city is
Independence, Missouri, not Jerusalem. Jesus' latter-day agenda
is to return to Missouri.

* The U.S. Constitution is as sacred as the Book of Mormon. In
the latter days, it will be under siege and will be saved by Mormons.
Thus, we must "reclaim America" to save the Constitution and
usher in a genuine age of Mormon leadership. They want to build
a Mormon kingdom on earth, similar to modern day Dominionists/
Kingdom Now proponents within Christianity. Founder Joseph
Smith had a socialistic philosophy and wished to have a society
that shared things in common.

* America's founding fathers were "spirit babies" who created a
"sacred Constitution."

* Salvation is works-based and not through grace and faith.

This is what Glenn Beck believes. Is the god of this system, this
faith, the one he referred to when he stated, "Today, America turns
back to God?" Is his god concept one we can turn back to?

For greater insights, visit the Web site of former Mormon and radio
guest, Ed Decker. Also visit the apologetics' site of Eric Barger.

Brannon Howse has done extensive radio programs and written
cutting-edge articles on this issue for over a week...

In short, Mormonism has a different holy book, father, Jesus,
concept of grace, salvation, end-times, etc. You cannot be a
"saved Mormon." Evangelicals who should know better already
call him a "brother in Christ." Some of those share the Mormon
"dominion" of the earth and this is their connection. Promoting
this false end-time theology of making the earth perfect seems to
trump everything else. We can't save the earth and make it perfect.
Jesus Christ has to return to do that...

"Evangelicals and Mormons Together" will be next. Why not? A
Mormon successfully called a nation back to God.

Most who stand with Glenn, however, do not embrace this theology.
Some Christian leaders are just deceived and others think it is hip
and cool to align themselves with a man who is so prominent and
so pro-America.

John McTernan states, "I know Mormonism real well. There is a
Mormon prophecy that America is going to be nearly destroyed
with the Constitution hanging by a thread. A Mormon savior would
arrive and lead the Mormon church to save America. I can see this
coming into play real soon. Maybe the revival Beck is talking about
is a massive conversion to Mormonism."

We sincerely hope Glenn Beck will become a true brother in Christ.
We can pray to that end and also that Christian leaders will sharpen
their discernment and understand the disservice they are doing to
the body of Christ by exalting an unsaved man, and allowing him
to be a virtual shepherd over millions of Americans who just want
to take back America.

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SOURCE - - August 31, 2010.

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Andrew Strom.

 2010/9/2 20:00

 Re: Glenn Beck article Andrew Strom sent out today


that is very very bad.

on so many levels, that i'm not sure if it's even of profit, to attempt a "conversation" on this forum, simply because we all are NOT talking face to face, and this is PIVOTAL stuff we'd be dealing with...together.

do you know what i mean?

This whole thing with Glen Beck, and his "call", could be a history changer.....and NOT good history.

bad history.

i'm feeling in my spirit these are the last days.

the trouble i'm having, personally, is that they may not be 'last DAYS', but 'last DECADES', and that is the point that our simple child-like Faith should stand, God willing, like a Rock. The Rock of Ages.

perplexed, neil

 2010/9/2 21:13

 Re: Glenn Beck article Andrew Strom sent out today

Again, I have to ask. Why is doctrine and theology so important as it relates to mormon's and JW's and the like?


When other men in the past (or even the present) gather crowds and speak boldly, but they say and write things that are clearly contrary to the Gospel....we are told to look at the life and accomplishments of the man. We are told to see how God used the man or woman instead of listen to or read what they actually said or wrote.

I am all for scrutinizing Beck based upon what he says, writes and believes, but folks.....let's be consistent.

 2010/9/2 21:24


Mahoney, I guess I'm clueless who/what you are speaking of? Can you give me a specific example? If someone preaches another gospel, nothing they appeared to do/say otherwise would matter, they would also be "anathema" as Paul said.

 2010/9/2 22:46


Sorry, my comment was not directed towards you. It wasn't directed at anyone really...more of a general criticism of the usual rhetoric found on this forum.

If someone preaches another gospel, nothing they appeared to do/say otherwise would matter, they would also be "anathema" as Paul said.

I wish that were true, but the first problem on this forum is that there isn't a concrete agreement on what the Gospel even is.

Post a question about what the Gospel is and see what you get. Post a question about the biblical meaning of original sin, propitiation, redemption, justification, sanctification, justice, holiness, etc.....and see what you get. Post a question about the meaning of Romans, Galatians, etc. and see if folks discuss the letter or their experience and what God "showed" them.

I just find it ironic, and its sort of been exposed by these conversations on Beck, that biblical doctrine and theology only really matter when discussing a mormon like Beck.

 2010/9/2 23:26


No offense taken brother, but I still didn't get an answer from you as far as an example of what you are even talking about. I am showing the danger in this movement/situation, and you write several lines about what's wrong with the forum and how others avoid doctrine in other situations, or something? You didn't give me an example and appeared to go off on something unrelated? I am confused and still wondering if you have a specific example of what you are referring to? God Bless

 2010/9/2 23:39

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