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 Re: Glenn Beck as our Cyrus?

Brother Jimmy,
about a week ago, a man named Ronald Goetz came onto this forum exposing his thesis about God giving spiritual covering to same gender marriage, and same gender fornication, i told him in the gentlest terms, that he is wrong, and i cannot go along with his thesis.

my prayer is that my dialogue with you, be in the same gentle spirit, as i was with him.

just so you know where i "am", i dont listen to the left equivelant of Beck, the maddow's of the spectrum, i find it all so tedious.

But i'm really at a loss for words, as how you can give Glenn Beck, the yes and amen of his well calculated message seeing that he is an adherent of mormonism.

Sometimes on long road trips, i will listen to Beck, and about 10 minutes is all i can manage.

Because Glenn Beck's rhetoric, the way he speaks, the vehemence which he delivers his "message", casting fellow American;s into an US against THEM, totally demolishes any credibilty he would have, as what i would regard as a "patriot".

Succintly put, Glenn Beck is NOT delievering a message of healing in Christ.....nay, he is the waterbearer of a very very rich and powerful elite coterie who do NOT care of morals, and a healthy vibrant Republic, but care only of increasing their power and purse, i speak of the Koch family.

could it be possible Jimmy that you, a well meaning man, earnest in your longing to see Godliness the rule of the land, are being fooled by Beck and his masters? being used?

Glenn Beck, a mormon, that demonic cult having the audacity to speak to the saints on repentance and the need for revival?

We are truly in the last days when such a tragic farce is being recieved as a True message from the Lord.

Jimmy, please, look thru the haze, and see what is really being foisted upon this land in tumult.

I have dreading this thread and waiting for this abomination of a such man as Glenn Beck speaking in the Name of Jesus, and wondered who such a thread would come thru, and it was you.

Please Jimmy, repent, these are rapacious babylonians, bent on world domination, wealth, greed and murder, they have no fellowship with the Light that is Jesus Christ.

in sorrow, neil

 2010/8/29 21:47

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Hebrews 1:1-2 In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom he made the universe.

God may have spoken to His people through means outside of His people in times past. Yet I ask again where do we see in the New Testament God speaking through any other means than His Son. If God is going to speak He is going to speak through His Son and His SOn only has one earthly Body and mouth through which He will speak and that is His Body the CHurch. God Has placed Himself under this restriction.

So we can not correctly say that GOd will do something that He implicitly sais He will not do. Even though I know we like to say 'God can do anything'. Anything that God does has to be in keeping with His Character and if something is going forth that is contrary to His character (like a man who opposes the Gospel given at the first who seeks to point a nation back to God) then by that fact alone that something does not have its origin in God regardless of how poignant and relevant it may be.

Eric Lanham

 2010/8/29 21:59Profile

 from bad to worse

My dear Jimmy,

you wrote:

"Well, Beck many times says he's simply calling people back to God. Granted, because of his Mormonism and trying to have mass appeal, he leaves it yup to you do define what you believe about God."

in love, i must say to you thats ecumenicalism in its worst sort, surely you must see that? Mormonism is the doctrine of demons, and its APOSTASY.

i beg you in the name of Jesus to give listen and consideration to listen to this sermon of Ian Paisley's from 1969 entitled "Fundamentalism versus Apostasy"

please, prayerfully listen to this, Ian delievers a powerful message that those Blood bought saints will have no fellowship with the works of darkness, and the way God leads me, Glenn Beck is using his pulpit of the flesh, to appropriate the ministry of Jesus Christ and Him crucified solely for gain in the political arena.

He gets on that radio, day after day, delievering the most vituperative faslehoods and lies, shouting loudly, tearing this nation apart.

i am at a loss for words, there fore i will let Ian do my speaking.

 2010/8/29 22:07

 Re: from bad to worse

I am with you on this one Neil. Although somehow I suspect Jimmy would know that :) This movement is nothing new. People follow hard after men who have the same philosophy as them. Ulitmately the philosophy is more important than what a man believes. The Scriptures rightly teach us that it is impossible to serve two masters.

Hitler was pushed into power in 1933 because the powers that be were terrified of communism. Now, Hitler had plainly laid out his views in his book, Mein Kampf. Yet, the establishment believed that they could contorl this lunatic and history tells the rest of the story.

When I first came to America in 1990, there was a recession going on. The savings and loan scandals was over but they were clearing up the mess. Anyways, a little known man named Ross Perot started to pop up and say what the people wanted to hear. As some of the older people in here will remember (that does not include you Jimmy:) he gained quite a bit of traction and no one really knew anything about him at all. If he had not quit the race then got back in again, he may even have won. I guess my point is that in times of fear and anxiousness and paranoi, strage men can grab the reigns of power. Am I comparing Beck to Hitler,nooooooooo :) I just have a feeling that when the anti-christ comes along, people will beg him to take the reigns of power. Given the right set of circumstances, someone famous once said that given the choice between dictatorship or anarchy, people will choose distatorship every time.

I just think that the maddness of Christians taking spiritual advise from a cult member is just one more sign of the slippery slope that we are on. Just for those who are interested in what Glen Beck believes about God....

He neither worships the same God or the same Jesus of the Bible.¬oc=1

 2010/8/30 0:03

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 Re: from bad to worse

Natan4Jesus and elanham have spoken the truth concerning Glenn Beck. What may one add to their words?

Christians beware!

Take heed!

The subtlety of the serpent is hissing again even as he did through Peter (Matt. 16:22,23).

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 Re: Matt. 16:22,23

Christ's displeasure against Peter for this suggestion of his, Matt.16:23.

We do not read of any thing said or done by any of his disciples, at any time, that he resented so much as this, though they often offended.

Observe, 1. How he expressed his displeasure:

He turned upon Peter, and (we may suppose) with a frown said, Get thee behind me, Satan. He did not so much as take time to deliberate upon it, but gave an immediate reply to the temptation, which was such as made it to appear how ill he took it. Just now, he had said, Blessed art thou, Simon, and had even laid him in his bosom; but here, Get thee behind me, Satan; and there was cause for both.

Note, A good man may by a surprise of temptation soon grow very unlike himself.

He answered him as he did Satan himself, Matt.4:10.

Note, (1.) It is the subtlety of Satan, to send temptations to us by the unsuspected hands of our best and dearest friends. Thus he assaulted Adam by Eve, Job by his wife, and here Christ by his beloved Peter.

It concerns us therefore not to be ignorant of his devices, but to stand against his wiles and depths, by standing always upon our guard against sin, whoever moves us to it.

Even the kindnesses of our friends are often abused by Satan, and made use of as temptations to us.

(2.) Those who have their spiritual senses exercised, will be aware of the voice of Satan, even in a friend, a disciple, a minister, that dissuades them from their duty.

We must not regard who speaks, so much as what is spoken; we should learn to know the devil's voice when he speaks in a saint as well as when he speaks in a serpent.

Whoever takes us off from that which is good, and would have us afraid of doing too much for God, speaks Satan's language.

(3.) We must be free and faithful in reproving the dearest friend we have, that saith or doth amiss, though it may be under colour of kindness to us. We must not compliment, but rebuke, mistaken courtesies. Faithful are the wounds of a friend. Such smitings must be accounted kindnesses, Psalms 141:5.

(4.) Whatever appears to be a temptation to sin, must be resisted with abhorrence, and not parleyed with.

2. What was the ground of this displeasure; why did Christ thus resent a motion that seemed not only harmless, but kind? Two reasons are given:

(1.) Thou art an offence to me - Skandalon mou ei - Thou art my hindrance (so it may be read); “thou standest in my way.” Christ was hastening on in the work of our salvation, and his heart was so much upon it, that he took it ill to be hindered, or tempted to start back from the hardest and most discouraging part of his undertaking. So strongly was he engaged for our redemption, that they who but indirectly endeavoured to divert him from it, touched him in a very tender and sensible part.

Peter was not so sharply reproved for disowning and denying his Master in his sufferings as he was for dissuading him from them; though that was the defect, this the excess, of kindness. It argues a very great firmness and resolution of mind in any business, when it is an offence to be dissuaded, and a man will not endure to hear any thing to the contrary; like that of Ruth, Entreat me not to leave thee.

Note, Our Lord Jesus preferred our salvation before his own ease and safety; for even Christ pleased not himself (Rom. 15:3); he came into the world, not to spare himself, as Peter advised, but to spend himself.

See why he called Peter Satan, when he suggested this to him; because, whatever stood in the way of our salvation, he looked upon as coming from the devil, who is a sworn enemy to it. The same Satan that afterward entered into Judas, maliciously to destroy him in his undertaking, here prompted Peter plausibly to divert him from it. Thus he changes himself into an angel of light.

Thou art an offence to me.

Note, [1.] Those that engage in any great good work must expect to meet with hindrance and opposition from friends and foes, from within and from without.

[2.] Those that obstruct our progress in any duty must be looked upon as an offence to us. Then we do the will of God as Christ did, whose meat and drink it was to do it, when it is a trouble to us to be solicited from our duty. Those that hinder us from doing or suffering for God, when we are called to it, whatever they are in other things in that they are Satans, adversaries to us.

(2.) Thou savourest not the things that are of God, but those that are of men.

Note, [1.] The things that are of God, that is, the concerns of his will and glory, often clash and interfere with the things that are of men, that is, with our own wealth, pleasure, and reputation. While we mind Christian duty as out way and work, and the divine favour as our end and portion, we savour the things of God; but if these be minded, the flesh must be denied, hazards must be run and hardships borne; and here is the trial which of the two we savour.

[2.] Those that inordinately fear, and industriously decline suffering for Christ, when they are called to it, savour more of the things of man than of the things of God; they relish those things more themselves, and make it appear to others that they do so.
(M. Henry on Matt. 16:22,23)

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Wicked men have been using Godly language to incite rebellious hearts within the children of light since the inception of this nation.

Beware of the leaven of Herod.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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hi, some of you sound like the christians must have sounded when saul now paul started to speak of his love for Jesus and that he was an apostle... i am not comparing glen with paul... i am comparing the hearers and their probable attitudes.jimp

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 Re: Glenn Beck as our Cyrus?

I think Beck learnt a lot of his economic/political analysis from Ron Paul. Ron Paul's at the helm of the libertarian movement, he's more interested in re-establishing Constitutional principles than spiritual matters.

 2010/8/30 3:31Profile

 Generation of Vipers

jim, why say this:

" i am not comparing glen with paul... "

after you write this:

" some of you sound like the christians must have sounded when saul now paul started to speak of his love for Jesus and that he was an apostle"

here's what "apostle glen" had to say for the press AFTER his "god only" speech on the mall, for the cameras of his master murdoch, for his politcal constituency:

"During an interview on "Fox News Sunday," which was filmed after Saturday's rally, Beck claimed that Obama "is a guy who understands the world through liberation theology, which is oppressor-and-victim."

"People aren't recognizing his version of Christianity," Beck added.

Beck's attacks represent a continuing attempt to characterize Obama as a radical, an approach that has prompted anxiety among some Republicans, who worry that Beck's rhetoric could backfire."

coming from a mormon,

""People aren't recognizing his version of Christianity,"

if that isnt the depths of hypocrisy, yesterday and the day before and the day before that, werent there the whispers from Franklin Graham, another apostate ecumumeical that the President was a "muslim"?

well what do you know, at least Glenn beck, mormon, says the President is a "Christian", who's "version" "People arent recognizing". i wouldn't put it past a man like Beck to suddenly have a reality show version of a "damascus road moment", turn his back on mormonism, and come into the fundametalist camp, solely for political expediency.

this are truly dark days indeed, and the darkest element of all is that confused believers will fall down and worship this man, GOD FORBID.

beck also said:

"Beck, on his Fox News show last Tuesday, said that liberation theology is at the core of Obama's "belief structure."

"You see, it's all about victims and victimhood; oppressors and the oppressed; reparations, not repentance; collectivism, not individual salvation. I don't know what that is, other than it's not Muslim, it's not Christian. It's a perversion of the gospel of Jesus Christ as most Christians know it," Beck said."

isnt one of satan's other names the "accuser"?

beck as mormon should know full and well about "perversion" of the Gospel of Christ.

 2010/8/30 4:03

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