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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : about doctrine of demons, and guess what....

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 about doctrine of demons, and guess what....

It was not going to be mentioned til' the Lord told me to tell you all to pray for me.

i spoke with two mormon missionaries tonight with their canned responses.

They asked me to come to church in the morning and i said if God says yes, i'll be there.

He said yes, and to ask you all praying for me in testifying about Jesus. (i don't know how or what will take place, yet the Lord said this will happen.)

This is not the first time walking into the dark per God's direction and design yet i am very confident that He will, as Hew has in the past brought good out of darkness, where those who 'feel' they have the truth are blinded and deafened by spirits that have no power where Jesus is.

Don't go binding anything.

Rather pray for His presence to manifest through deed and word.

i'm not afraid. Just curious...not about their falsehoods believed, but how God wants to shake the salt from me and burn this little light of mine like halogen perhaps?????

This is not the first dealings with mormon missionaries, nor congregation members here...

speak of the devil?
...and Matt you have been prayed for ever since you posted about this very thing.

Waiting on the Lord and wondering what will happen this time.

Please pray standing fast in accord with me, that doorways will open and not be shut: that Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected will be glorified through this vessel.

If it's remembered in the morning, be with in spirit and remember this in your prayers tomorrow: 9 a.m. CST to ?


p.s. It was let on that i was Jewish (and they were just shocked that i believed and live as Jesus being Messiah)...then they went on about the lost tribe of Dan(nite) schpeil, and how that tribe migrated to North America (the book of mormon being that record, so they gave me one to read)...but one of the missionaries said it may have been Ephraim and not Dan.

What's up with that?

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 Re: about doctrine of demons, and guess what....

Praying for you my friend. Please use good discernment and listen to the direction of the Holy Spirit. Remember that you are not above being deceived, if possible.

Mark 13:22 (NKJV)

For false christs and false prophets will rise and show signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.


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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: about doctrine of demons, and guess what....

I'll be praying for you!


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 Re: about doctrine of demons, and guess what....

Brother Gregg I will definitely be praying for you in this.

And in regards to your P.S. I did some research on the book of mormon and there are a few popular mormon historians that believe Joseph Smith made the entire thing up What are the odds? I haven't talked to the mormons that visited me a while back but I plan on staying alert and asking the Lord to keep my heart awake because they will be back its just a matter of time. I hope that your endeavours will bring Glory to God and that the Blood of the Lamb be your protection.

Matthew Guldner

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Thanks all for the prayers, and right now, it is just small things that are happening. Yet, i have been told not to despise these 'seemingly' insignificant incidents.

(if work were not so soon, this would have been edited, shortened, and whatnot. Sorry for the errors, but there is no time to work on that right now.)

To all, but particularily:

Brother Matt,

In the early 90's was the first encounter here with mormon's.

>[BTW, one of the oriental deities in one of their religions is named none other than mormo by some, and mormon by others, (though it's wondered how it's pronounced. (Perhaps Grant could key us in on this.)
It is one of their gods of hell.]<

Talk about research... i'm not looking to the books and info gathered so there may be a few errors in what is written below, yet the general info is accurate.

Have i been busy?

I started reading the "Book of mormon --another (supposed) testament of Jesus Christ". It is a sorry piece of literature, with massacred Elizabethian English and so many euphamisms of the day of Joe Smith. (i have lost count of how many verses begin with "...And it came to pass." (For example in I Nephi 8 or 7 ...somewhere in there... there are like 6-8 verses in a row beginning with this phrase.) Anybody well acquainted with the scriptures can see through all the false doctrine in it from the git-go--the book has many many many things that stand contrary to Torah. i now have a bit of additional understanding as to why God has me pouring over and over and memorizing the Law. (It helps a human see through falsehood and through others intentions (as it is God's standard of right-wise<--[eous]-ness to men). It was not realized how gullible i was until this became a pursuit, though my dad has at times said i am smart as a whip but dumb as a post. (now i see more clearly what he means by that also.)

As well, i now have a copy of "Doctrines and Covenants", "The Pearl of Great Price", and "...Histories..."

My mother has now given old books to me from her father's collection. One of these is an old early 1900's version of the book of mormon. (In comparing it to the version recieved from the missionaries, they have made so many changes to the original text that these two books vary in meaning....
...not to mention how they have done quite a bit to brush up on grammatical errors, repetative statements, and Yank English from the ending of the fronteer days.

If these are male missionaries you are dealing with, no doubt they are wearing their magickal underwear (and i am not joking bro).

Standing back and looking at what has been studied so far though, aside from the poor English and grammar in original texts, the book of mormon reads like the upanishads or the bagavad-gita. Yes, that's right: mormonism is an americanized version of hinduism. Realizing this, these was a statement read in one of C.S. Lewis books (quite some time ago) stating that there really are only two religions in the world: Christianity and hinduism.

The question is will i join the mormons in making myself into a god or will i serve the one faithful and true God?
(Need this be answered?)

Joe Smith was a huckster who scammed people first in New York (Albany area), and when the authorities caught wind of this, he moved on. He claimed to be a "seer" (aka:prophet) who with the help of a hat, special shewstones, and even a special set of glasses, he would claim to have found buried treasure on common folks property, scam gullible people to locate and dig it up. When the (money) well ran dry, or they were driven away by the property owners he and his crew would move on down the road and do it again.

There two records of court proceedings for him bilking others, records of a couple states banishing him, and he was jailed here in Illinois twice.

His sexual proclivities are no small secret either.

In Pennsylvania, Joe and his henchmen (Brigham Young leading the dirtywork of pirating), a Lutheran Minister's fictional story was stolen, and the printing company from which it came, they burned it to the ground. This text later became the book of mormon.

making his way across New England, finally to Illinois, to Misourri, and ultimately Utah. In Utah, they set of their own form of iron fisted government (which allowed polys gamos (if that's greek to you "polygamy" is the english) they called a theocracy. The U.S. later stepped in and straightened out several things that was unconstitutional according to U. S. law.

Joseph Smith became a 33rd degree mason in a matter of hours... (no telling how much money it took to pull that off)... which usually takes the average joe --not special joe's like smith-- years of doing "chairs' in accomplishing this.

What many do not know is that the free and accepted masons are a luciferian group that was initially organised and now comes under the auspices of several occult 'secret societies' all with a common root:
not the least of which is known as Ordo Templi Orentis, whose founder was none other than Aleister Crowley (son of a Plymouth Bretheren minister),
[whose motto was "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law", the Law being a book dictated through his "vessel" in trace channeling to him "The Book of the Law" at a time of magickal hiatus in Egypt, when he came across the heiroglyphic Steele #666: Covering the rise of Horus (The Egyptian sun hawk-headed sun-god of war), and Crowley took on the name of "The Great Beast"...666 and all that jazz.
[His own mother predisposed him to that name, being an unruly rebellious child, in exasperation calling him 'a beast' while growing up.]

Alot of the history of your not so average joe Smith in alot of ways parallel --in form and substance-- Crowley's, and now it's wondered if there was a specific organization (besides the masons) with certain mythos that they both encountered in their careers of decieving and being decieved.

In 2000, a friend was made on the internet who was from a family of the higher ups in the mormon church, and he told me about sex magick rituals and all kinds of shocking stuff that went on behind the scenes, of which the average mormon only catches a symbolic glimpse of in their Temple ritual magickal activities (Baptisms for the dead, marriages, Aaronic and Melkisedekian preisthood rites... etc.) He was having trouble with demonic activity, Kappa phenomena (manifestations of molevelent(sp) spirits of greater power to manifest and wreak havoc). He also told of how those, what he called either 'weaker minded' or 'on the verge of loosing their marbles' are kept under control by the higher ups and family members in not letting all the dirty little secrets out of the bag. This cat -(to use a beatnik euphemism)- got out though, Praise God!

Most insiders in mormonism are part of Ordo Templi Orentis, and/or affiliate occult secret societies...
...and then there's all the masons in their ranks, whether esoterically or exoterically involved in mormonism.)

What started helping me put all the pieces together was a book called, "One Nation Under Gods." This one lists several websites that are helpful in reaching those lost to mormonism. (sorry to say, this book was given away. I'll check though, and maybe i can come by it for awhile again.)

Their theology is summarized and discounted through scriptural arguement in a book called, "Kingdom of the Cults" which has a preface by Ravi Zacharias, of whom i hold no small fondness.

(Both these books are thicker than your average Bible and are long reads, but worth their weight in gold.)

God Bless you all.

p.s. THANK YOU ALL & please please please continue in your prayers. The effects are being seen already. Right now, that is happening more so in me than outwardly: a mind that is more alert than ever, and the Holy Spirit guiding me like never before. It's wondered if shortly there will really be much time for internet at all, considering more and more JW's and Mormons are coming to talk about 'stuff'.

 2010/8/31 6:29

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Brother Gregg I am glad to hear that you are well, as I studied and read up on Mormonism I said to myself wow this is just like Hinduism or even Manichaeism and Gnositic beliefs that salvation is some kind of Spiritual Enlightenment that only a few have obtained through works and hours and hours of prayer. That all spiritual matters are good and all earthly things are evil and of the devil. That it doesn't really matter what we do to our bodies after enlightenment because it will be destroyed because its evil but our spiritually enlightened self will reach some kind of Nirvana or Godlike Status.

I am so glad that we have Salvtion through Faith in Christ Jesus :) I will continue to pray for you as well.

God Bless,

PS I heard about the Special underwear that just made me laugh, I hope they are fruit of the loom :) I also thought about where they got such underwear. :)

Matthew Guldner

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