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HA HA HA, WOO HOO. That is awesome that you did that. I drove by a church the other day that has been doing the same thing every night last week. They set up outside by the street and carved pumpkins and stuff and I felt so much like doing that same exact thing you did. I have a amplified P.A. and was gonna drive across the street and preach. Only thing is my job that I am currently at wouldnt alot for the time to be able to do it while they were out there, however I did notify the my boss Im leaving in November to go into full time ministry. I think it is great you did that and you should be encouraged.
I was just about to post on the board how it is amazing that so many Christians canceled chruch services yesterday so they could take there children trick or treating. Would this not be considered directly breaking the commandment to keep the sabbath holy? Yet so many cancel sabbath worship to participate and celebrate this unholy abominable holiday.
Dear father you have been exceedingly mercifull upon us, that you have not poured out wrath upon us for the foolishness, iniquities and such thing that we allow, even to come into your own house of worship. But Lord how much longer will you be merciful when your people suffer for the iniquites and blasphemies of this foolish world. Lord we need your power to be shown. I need your power.


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