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 Re: Caught on camera: Pillar of Fire...

Hi Chris,

Maybe I was a bit offended (sorry), that you compared the fire tornado with the pillar of fire and cloud.

Neil said
i've seen firsthand, these "tongues of fire", from my days living in the Santa Monica mountains, and their frequent wildfires. these "tongues" i saw always kicked out at a 45 degree angle, i never saw one go straight up, like the Brazilian ones

Also, it would be difficult to believe there were no casualties from a fire tornado in Brazil, and that bothered me, because I've seen a tiny little bush fire once as a child in Africa, and it's no mean sight as it creeps along the brown grass, even at that level, far too menacing and beyond control, to be easily extinguished.

Thanks for adding clarification of your leading post.

 2010/8/26 19:10

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