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 Freewill or Free Grace?

I just finished listening to this 30 minute message and wanted to share it with all on S.I. Click below:

May the One True God give His people ears to hear His Truth.

Bless the LORD all ye His saints for His salvation.

Be not confused,be not ignorant...

For salvation is of the LORD.



"God's grace is sufficient for us anywhere His providence places us." - Anonymous

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 Re: Freewill or Free Grace?

The Biblical Gospel is irrefutably presented in this message,as is a refutation of another gospel which is really not another,but there are some who are troubling your minds and are desiring to pervert the Gospel of Christ.(Gal. 1)

A myth is too delicate a word for this perverting of God's Gospel of Grace. It's diabolical at its roots, as the nature of the being it is of is none other than its father,the father of lies.

May the One True God feed His Sheep thereby. Amen.

Please listen and may you be taught of God.

Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way. Psalm 119:104

These six things the LORD hates,Yes, seven are an abomination to Him...A lying tongue,...A false witness who speaks lies... Proverbs 6

Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked. Psalm 97:10

This post has been sent after consideration of "...before you post that you consider praying and ask the Lord if you have the right spirit to serve others in the body of Christ before posting and pressing the submit button."

Bless God all ye His saints,

Grace and mercy be upon the Israel of God - Gal. 6:16

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As long as the SI forum has been up, I wonder how many Calvinism vs Arminianism debates there have been. I'm assuming a whole lot. But I guess as long as we keep it respectful, its ok to debate. I mean as long as one party does not make blanket statements of heresy toward the other. As long as one party does not tell the other that they have a false gospel merely on the ground that they are either Arminian or Calvinist. For that kind of division is pitiful to say the least.


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 Re: false gospel vs. True Gospel

If we'd stop labeling error by renaming and redefining it, and stop labeling truth as something other than Truth by speaking plainly we'd progress and not go in circles meeting with the same persons and their replies.

Matt 15:14 let them alone, guides they are--blind of blind; and if blind may guide blind, both into a ditch shall fall.'

Mat 19:25,26 And his disciples having heard, were amazed exceedingly, saying, `Who, then, is able to be saved?'
And Jesus having earnestly beheld, said to them, `With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'

Please listen to the message at the link.

If you find your-self to be offended, bear in mind that the True Gospel is an offense. That is, Paul's Gospel, the Gospel of God(Rom.1:1 Paul, a bondservant of Jesus Christ, a called apostle, having been separated to the gospel of God), the Gospel of His Salvation preached, taught and believed by all His True ministers who've been called and separated unto the same.

Bless the LORD all ye His saints!

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 Re: Free-will Versus Free-Grace


Free-Will Vs. Free-Grace
Free-will is a sly, and insidious foe,
It haunts me and plagues me wherever I go;
In pulpit or pew, meditation or prayer,
In reading or writing, he's sure to be there.

Free-will is a trap in which Satan ensnares
The Pharisee, even while saying his prayers;
All heavenly work-folk are caught with the bait;
Their doings so good, and their merits so great.

Free-will is rank poison, a curse and a bane,
Diffusing its venom through every vein;
This cup of free-will Adam drank in the fall,
Which poison'd himself and infected us all.

Free-will is a plague which in Eden began,
And marr'd all the beauty of innocent man;
The leprosy spread from the head to the feet.
His offspring all caught the infection complete.

Free-will is a thief, of an impudent face,
Who aims to rob God of his Glory and grace;
Ye watchmen in Zion, who are faithful and bold,
Hunt out the base robber from every fold.

Free-will is a murd'rer of souls every day,

And millions are slain 'neath his pond'rous sway;
This murd'rous assassin has people in hell,
Who ever in torments with devils must dwell.

Free-will is a traitor to Jesus, my Lord;
Rebels at his sovereignty, counsel, and word;
Defying his power with impious strain,
And cries, "I'll not have this Jesus to reign."

Free-will is a liar, says "tis with ease
A man can believe and repent when he please
That he's a free agent, and so may refuse
The good or the evil, whichever he choose."

Free-will's an imposter and cheat at the best,
To offer salvation he never possess'd
If certain conditions I only fulfil,
Yet gives me no power to do nor to will.

Free-will as a tyrant once rul'd over me;
But Jesus o'ercame him, and now I am free;
Made willing to own him my King from that hour,
I bow to his sceptre and yield to his power.


Free-grace is a scheme which Jehovah began,
in covenant counsel He drew up the plan;
The mighty Redeemer accomplish'd the whole
And the Spirit imparted its joys in my soul.

Free-grace is distinguishing, sovereign to choose
What objects to favour and whom to refuse;
His purpose must stand who is God ever blest,
The election obtain'd it, and blind are the rest.

Free-grace from contingencies ever secure,
Its blessings are absolute, certain and sure;
For all that are chosen and purchased by blood
Are conquer'd and made willing servants to God.

Free-grace first enriched me when needy and poor,
And led me to Christ's inexhaustible store;
Heal'd all my diseases when ready to die,
And covered my nakedness as he passed by.

Free-grace drew me out of the miry clay,
When sunk in the ruins of nature I lay;
Wash'd from the filth and pollution of sin,
And made me both righteous and perfectly clean.

Free-grace in Christ Jesus secures all the crop
Of spiritual graces, my love, joy, and hope.
Faith, patience, and meekness, with temperance too,
And courage to bear me the conflict all through.

Free-grace has to me an inheritance given,
Laid up and reserved in the kingdom of heaven;
And keeps me securely, through faith, until I
Shall enter upon my possessions on high.

Free-grace is the theme of the glorified throng,
While ages eternal are rolling along;
All glory and honour ascribe they to Him, Who liveth and reigneth the only Supreme.

Free-grace is the boast of true pilgrims below, As through this dark valley to Zion they go. Delighted the
watchmen all lift up their voice, Of free-grace salvation they sing and rejoice.

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SermonIndex is not a place to propagate these things in the manner you are doing. I am locking this thread.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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