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 Weblog: Episcopal Church Officially Promotes Idol Worship


Imagine for one moment that you're a leader in the Episcopal Church USA. You know that within the next few days, a global commission is going to release a report on how the global Anglican Communion should respond to your church, and is likely to be critical of the ordination of an actively homosexual man as bishop. You know, and have said yourself, that the debate isn't just about sexuality: It's about how one views the Bible. And you know that all eyes will be on your denomination over the next few weeks. What do you do?

What the real leaders of the Episcopal Church did was to take an action that makes ordaining a homosexual man as a bishop almost a non-issue. They started promoting the worship of pagan deities.

This is not a joke nor an overstatement. In all truth and seriousness, leaders of the Episcopal Church USA are promoting pagan rites to pagan deities. And not just any new pagan deities: The Episcopal Church USA, though its Office of Women's Ministries, is actually promoting the worship of idols specifically condemned in Scripture.

read entire article here:

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Weblog: Episcopal Church Officially Promotes Idol Worship




This is just incredible.

Are they serious? (yes, they are, I followed the links and the official ECUSA women's site does have this worship liturgy for the "Queen of Heaven" unapologetically present)

This is just ridiculous.

Lord, bring them back, but in either case don't let anyone be deceived into thinking that such people as are involved in worshipping the Queen of Heaven can be considered right with You.

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 Re: Weblog: Episcopal Church Officially Promotes Idol Worship

Its really....disturbing to see how deep the currents go.

The one MAJOR element that comes out and strikes me is the fact that nowhere do I see the Name of Jesus on that page.

 2004/10/27 12:30

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 it just gets thicker

Since I'm a Jew, a Jewish believer, all of this "church" stuff is new to me, and reading about how Biblically "liberal".....well, lets just say it, apostate, the ECUSA has become has caused me to search out who or what is driving this A train to hell, and here's one of the key ideological players, a man named Shelby Spong.

I'm literally getting sick to my stomach reading all this.

I think the 1st chapter of the Epistle to the Colossians will wash away that sinking feeling.

Praise God.

 2004/10/27 18:34

 Re: Greg I know what you're gonna say..........

........"lets just get back into the Word", but the deeper I dig the more horrific, and ugly and apostate this thing gets:

The "More Light Presbertyrian's"

which I got from this website:

"really bad theology"

 2004/10/27 19:15

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 Re: Weblog: Episcopal Church Officially Promotes Idol Worship

Wow---I don't know what exactly to say. Judgement has to be at the door and knocking----what really scarey is I heard in a recent sermon by David Wilkerson he made this comment---"what if all the prophesies spoken in warning to America all happened in One day,all came to pass?" It's time I believe to weep between the porch and the altar.


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