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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Israel Has Until Week's End to Strike Iran Nuclear Facility, Bolton Says

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Preparation for Attack

from July 08

 2010/8/21 19:40

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 Re: comments and another question

Neil, that video link was from two years ago – when Israel flew their planes over 900 miles for training! I was sooo hoping that was last week but it wasn’t.

I know that Israel can attack any time they choose but according to the article of this thread, the time has run out for any attacks from Israel because today (yesterday there), was the day Iran started the nuclear plant, August 21, 2010. So it should be running full speed ahead.

Ginnyrose, I agree - American trained!

Sscott, I never considered they’d sacrifice the dome of the rock. Sounds like that is right up their alley. God have mercy.

What does anyone think about some tactic that was in a prophecy book, called the Samson principle or something like that? I heard David Wilkerson speak of it in one of his sermons, where Israel would let every nuclear mission fly all over the Middle East within seconds of a missile entering the air space from Iran. Is that Samson thing a possibility?

God bless you guys,


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The Dome of the Rock may be, strangely enough, something allowed by God to preserve the Temple Mount from a direct strike. I am not "prophesying" that the mount will not be hit, but it is an interesting thought. Nothing else but an honored Muslim site would give this location any chance of being spared from full devastation by the Muslims.

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