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 Please pray for my atheist friend

Tomorrow one of my friends from America is going to be visiting me here for maybe a week or so. He is somewhere between an atheist and an agnostic, but either way still an unbeliever. He is uncommonly intelligent, and in his mind there is no rational reasoning that should point a person towards God.

He was at first skeptical to how God would open the doors for me to come here, and now I guess my current position is a sort of living testimony to God's hand (for those of you who are familiar a bit with what I'm doing a the moment) but I'm quite sure he'll completely deny that and rack it up once again towards coincidence, (and that "coincidence" tally is getting frightfully high on my end :P).

Anyway, I'm not going to try and argue God with him from any sort of rational point or anything like that, I've been praying for him for years, and I'd just like to ask people on this board who read this, to pray for my friend, that there would be something here that would open the door. A feeling and a presence that his rational mind will not be able to explain away. That the Lord would open up the exact path that will get to him while he's with me.

His name is Rennie.


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 Re: Please pray for my atheist friend

Well, Glory to God! He is God and there is no one nor anything too hard for God. I will join you and pray for your friend. There is always hope. We can rest in knowing God hears our prayers and is desiring for His Salvation even more than us!!! We pray for conviction, salvation & a mighty testimony for God. Bless you for your burden.

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