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 The Archer

A great archer appears on the range. His servants had been busy making arrows, honing the shafts, grooming the feathers, and sharpening the tips for their master. His bow is huge and his strength is amazing. His feet are placed. His legs like iron. His hand fits to the bow. The first arrow is placed on the string. With little effort, the archer pulls and fires. With the sound of a screaming Eagle, the arrow soars down range. And finds the absolute center of the target over a mile away.

He reaches to his servant's hand to accept the next arrow. As he places it against the string and bow he notices it is not perfectly straight. With a slight frown he pulls and releases. As he knew it would, the arrow shatters into splinters and lay on the ground before him. All day long he plys his trade with unwavering determination. Each arrow is tested and either proved or destroyed.

We are the Lord's. His servants minister to our need at His command. We walk that we might become worthy of He who calls us. What will be the outcome when our time comes to serve? We "walk". Do we "Walk" well? Is He able to hit the mark with our service? Or might we become splinters to be gathered and burned.

To each is given. To each is required. To God be all Glory, Honor, Praise, and worship. In the Name of Jesus, the Christ of God, may all who call upon the name of the Lord turn from evil and seek Holiness before His face.

By His Grace.

Paul Horton

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