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 Thanks and some clarification

Thanks to all those who commented on this article. I appreciate your insights and thoughts.

I did not write this article to suggest that voting or adherence to conservatism are meant to supplant repentance and a revival or return to a life of faith and obedience to Christ. It is supplemental not substitutional.

Oddly, millions of "evangelical Christians" suspended their best judgment in 2008 and helped to elect the current administration. The depth of their discernment, the moral stand and the lack of biblical grounding became apparent instantly.

I believe that Christians are largely ignorant of political machinations and in some cases our teachers and pastors are still espousing that they shouldn't be involved in politics in any way. Whew!

Ancient prophets, patriarchs, apostles, Christ and every believer since has had to deal with the powers that be. We will be blessed or persecuted by the civil constabulary to the very last moment of time, this is scripture.

Integrity is more than an ethical stand, but it the ability to put all things into a proper category as in "rightly dividing the word of truth" (2 Tim 2:15)It is what causes God to put some of his children into areas where they can speak to politics and the political situations and the very political leaders of our day.

No one who knows Jesus Christ personally can suggest that politics is the only way to change the world or the nation, but knowing the scriptures means we also know that political changes will lead the world into its last and worst of all times. To be aloof, unaware, disengaged is to offer a clear path to those who would destroy freedoms, right things and eventually life itself.

Integrity is the cause of political cognizance, that coupled with strong and singular faith and dependence on the grace of our God will produce a lot of good fruit. If political changes do not follow or accompany spiritual revival the nation will still fail. We are not to put politics in a place above the gospel but you will have nothing to revive if the nation is cast into upheaval under the sway of evil rulers.

Every ancient prophet and all since have had to deal with political realities and so do we.

Rev Michael Bresciani

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