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 Reacting to a ( PERSONA )

I am a member and Deacon of a Baptist Church,located on
westside of Chicago. I am also a member of the Funeral
Committe which oversees these services that are held
at this Church Santuary, be done in the most
respectful,spiritual,and safe manner possible for
the family and all involve.

I am very aware that this service (Funeral Service)or
as we term it,(HOMEGOING SERVICE)is a chance not
for only the Pastor of the Church to wittness,but
also for the membership.I am also aware that family
members,friends,and associates of the decease are
there to pay there last respects to the decease and
and some,not all have not entered into a Church or
any other Religious Service for a period of time and
some not at all.
I must be aware that,there are family members,friends
and associates of the decease who are not familiar with
the protocol,rules and regulations of the Church.
Young men wearing there trousers down were there
underwear is showing,young ladies wearing clothing
not becoming. Cell phone use ,while service is going
on,untimely walking and talking and not just the young
folks,Grown Men and Women also.

I as a Deacon must, with respect comfront and check
these behaviors, and hopefully not offend anyone.

This one experience concerning this Service mention
above, made me very aware of some legal consequenes
and the current asmophere concerning this topic.

A young man, who in apperance at a glance appeared
to be a young man and PERSONA of a young man was ask to
to remove his hat. With some reservation , he took
his hat off.Not until I was Approach by A Fellow
Deacon who calmly whisper to me that HE was a SHE
was I aware this.

When the Attire and Persona of a person shouts
This is who I am, Whats the right approach?


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 Re: Reacting to a ( PERSONA )

Male or female, they need to remove their hat! It's just a sign of respect. As long as you ask respectly, male or female, they shouldn't get offended.

God bless,


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 Re: Reacting to a ( PERSONA )

So are you asking whether its right to correct those that are coming into the church that aren't socially lined up with rules of the church? I am trying to understand exactly what you are asking brother Deak.

Matthew Guldner

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 Re: Reacting to a ( PERSONA )

My dear brother Deak.
i'm in Chicago as well.

there is only one approach as how i am led, and that is with Holy Ghost love, what has been freely given to you, freely give back.

You know as well as i do, the only Thing holding back the full onsault of the devil's schemes on the south and west sides are the churches of Jesus, and the men of God, whether they be pastors, deacons, elders.

too many funerals on the west and south sides, young babies cut down, young men sucked into the devils armies of gangsterism, trade in drugs, i dont have to tell you, you're in the front line, and this war can only be won in the Strength of Jesus, and with love and prayer.

May God bless you Deak, neil

 2010/8/13 20:29

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 Re: Reacting to a ( PERSONA )

"what's the right approach?" Respond in Love, or don't respond @ all.... however the Spirit leads. Sometimes Jesus didn't respond, sometimes He did. You maybe the only member of the church some may ever see. Guard your heart, for out of it comes forth what's in it. Be filled with the Spirit of God friend. Prepare in much real prayer before going out in public, for we are against principalities & powers, not flesh & blood. May God graciously lead you for His Name's sake.


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 Re: Reacting to a ( PERSONA )

Just accept people as they are after all they had to pluck up courage to come through the door at all - in situations like this I say something like this before the proceedings start - "Thank you for coming today but before we start can I please ask you to put your mobile phones on silent or turn them off - if you have to answer the phone, it is ok to leave quietly and speak outside, then come back in, we don't mind at all and will just carry on" Said in the right gentle spirit people accept that and know exactly what to do.

God bless you and give you His answer in your situation


Terry Smith

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