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 Re: Mankind must abandon Earth or face extinction: Hawking

Wikipedia says that Stephen Hawking is a theoretical physicist. Does that mean he develops theories in physics or is a physicist in theory? It's really a more interesting question than if we must live on Mars to survive. I've been listening to a lot of Christian vs. Atheist debates over the last two weeks. Most of the atheists have been scientists as well as the Christians. A lot of the scriptures posted on this thread have been bouncing through my head while listening to these debates. They are all just talking in circles. No one, except by faith, can say how anything began or will end. We have an idea, but that's it. It boils down to faith and submission. Faith to believe and receive our promise and submission so that God may receive His glory. It's really kind of amusing to hear these guys echoing what Scripture says will take place while calling it a bunch of fairy tales.

Matt Smith

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 Re: Mankind must abandon Earth or face extinction: Hawking

Hawking is right. Man will abandon the Earth as we know it....and the Creator, God the Son Jesus, will create a new Heavens and a new Earth...after the present one is DISSOLVED by fire....

Every vestige of sin will be consumed and annihilated by this fire...and the New Universe will be one where there is no sin, death, or sorrow forever and ever.

"Our only chance of long term survival is not to remain on Earth but to spread into space.' Hawking.

Mankind's only chance is to bow the knee to the risen Lord Jesus, and believe in His holy sacrifice of His blood, and believe upon him to please Him. Jesus Himself will destroy the Earth, and all of those who have said "NO!" to His Lordship.

What Hawking has said is foolish, for:"The fool has said no to God in is heart."

In the end there will be two Universes, or sides to the one great Universe. The Lake of fire for the unbelieving..[as the genious Hawking...], or the city of God, New Jerusalem.

Rather than hoping to inhabit Mars, or the Moon to save them in eternity, why can't men believe the Truth? Jesus made a way.

 2010/8/14 13:20

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 Re: Mankind must abandon Earth or face extinction: Hawking

I think even the Bible indicates that the earth has a finite lifespan.

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 Re: Koheleth

Koheleth wrote:
Many years ago, I read Hawking's book A Brief History of Time. I would agree that Hawking is certainly not a Christian, but he seemed to have a very clear and up-front belief in God.

First off, have you read Dawkin's book from 2006 called The God Delusion?

Second off, I just heard about (I'm behind the times), Antony Flew's conversion in 2004. And in the process learned that he was considered the "world's most notorious atheist." (I didn't know that).

One article (link below), said that in Richard Dawkins book, The God Delusion, he "characterized Flew's conversion as a kind of apostasy from the atheistic faith and implied that his "old age" likely had something to do with it.{2} "

Another article titled: "Eminent Atheist Changes his Mind: The Antony Flew Story" - the 4th and 5th paragraph pasted here:

"Others were, as Collins predicted, “scandalized” by the news and reacted angrily. Richard Dawkins accused Flew of “tergiversation,” that is, apostasy or betrayal, and made disparaging comments about this being a change of mind made in “old age.”

Since then Flew has produced a book outlining his intellectual journey and the reasons for his new conviction. Its title: There is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind. He describes his journey as a “pilgrimage of reason”, not of faith, and writes, “I now believe that the universe was brought into existence by an infinite Intelligence.”"

here is a video of Gary Habermas with Antony Flew and N.T. Wright. At the very beginning, they discuss Dawkin's reaction.

Click on:

Discussion: Antony Flew, N.T. Wright, and Gary Habermas NEW!

God bless,

*** Edit!! I forgot to say, I don't think what he wrote in a Brief History of Time still stands.


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