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 I am confused

please could anyone help me out. DOes anyone know much about the big healing churches? Some prophets are saying the big ones like benny hinn are false prophets. what do you think? thankyou

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 Re: I am confused


How does Benny Hinn's lifestyle exemplify Jesus Christ? Does his lifestyle line up with the qualifications as recorded in 1Timothy 3 and Titus 1?

Is godliness an ongoing trait of these people? Do they live above suspicion in purity and holiness?

These are just a few questions one need to consider when discerning.

On the other hand, if you have doubts and questions about them, you might do well to accept them on faith. The Holy Spirit may be putting a red flag in your spirit and is not as yet informing you about the reasons. This happens a lot to me.

Hope this helps - a bit.


Sandra Miller

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 Re: I am confused

On the home page of this website, up at the top, there is a search engine box that says "by search." Type "Benny Hinn" into that box and hit enter. I am sure this is probably a topic that has been cooked enough.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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 Re: I am confused

Fifi, Don't put too much stock in the man and his lavish behaviour, rather find out if he is preaching the truth.

People who judge Benny Hinn because he has so much are not properly judging him. Is what comes out of his mouth true? that is what you need to look for.

 2010/8/11 20:16

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Snuf, you can still preach "sound" doctrine & live like the devil! Our actions & lives speak far exceedingly more than our words. Anyway, 1 thing I do know about Mr Hinn is this - I don't know 1 Godly minister in this day & age that preaches the whole counsel of God endorse his message, his lifestyle or his ministry. Not 1! Sometimes, it's not just what is said about a man, but also what isn't said that I must consider.


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