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 Quiet Talk on Revival

I recently visted Rev. Glyn Owen. He used to be a pastor of Knox Church in Toronto in the 70's and a Keswick speaker. Currently he is retired and I was able to talk with him about revival and his words encouraged me so much. Here are a few things he mentioned in our discussion:

"Everything has to be organized, this world of organization creeps into the church. The language and the concepts of the world come into the church when its so contray to the New Testament."

"You are not going to find a very popular movement for Revival. It's going to be a choosen few who want to really go on with God at any price."

"We can't put on one-side our responsibility today right where we are to pray for revival alone. We need that revival, we must yearn for it and pray for it. and at the same time, if we can get away from our responsibility for the church today as it is, then our concern for Revival is questioned. It's the glory of God we are after. There is a possiblity for me to do the Lords will, for every believer there's a work for us to do today, WE SHOULD FIND THAT. Then share our burden's with those who among we work. If the Lord adds it to more and more let it get heavy!"

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 Re: Quiet Talk on Revival

“If the Lord adds to the burden, more and more, let it get heavy.”
Glyn Owen

A burden might open for the prophetic realm, the realm of true revival…

God is never intimidated, nor silenced by Babylonian dizziness, drunkenness or delusion. God is not perplexed, nor is his ability to take action curtailed when encountering the Babylonian maelstrom of confusion. A relevant, heavenly plan is set in motion within any given Babylonian society to bring salvation to the afflicted as well as judgment on perpetrators. The plan is a man. The plan is a person, a prophet. The plan is a prophet who reflects the very obedience of the Lord, Jesus Christ himself. He may be a Jeremiah, a man of tears, about whom the Lord said: ”Before conception there was a concept.” - Jer 1: 5. He may be an Ezekiel, whom God asked ”Will you judge the city?” - Ez 22. 2.
Before man is, there is a concept. Long before salvation is brought about, there is a plan. Before there is a prophet in making, there is a royal command. Most likely the things and the men that are not are chosen for the task to nullify the things that are, 1Cor 1: 28.
Prophets are commissioned, sent by royal command. Prophets are ambassadors - speaking and acting on behalf of a peculiar nation not belonging to this world. They are seldom welcomed, at least not by the undisciplined, disobedient crowd. He is certainly recognised, but rarely accepted. To label him a recognised prophet is to disarm him and lock him into the system which he is sent to confront. A true prophet is not an attraction in crowded auditoriums.

From Aspects of the Prophetic office - The Forthteller
By Lars Widerberg

Lars Widerberg

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