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 Being arrested twice today, it was quite the Sunday


Revival fire has just begun burning here... and God before and after the onset of this clarified (to me) what will quench His Spirit.

One Tuesday night, about a month back, after the conference call prayer time had ended towards revival, brother Frank asked for prayer requests, and after all other requests were made, he asked if there were anything else, and God told me to explain the situation in the home church being currently attended.

Mon-Sat mornings for this church:

Well, three of us prayed as has been done for some time, and are continuing, in one accord with both the pastor and associate pastor, that the LORD would purge this congregation and there would be an awakening.

The prayer conference call:

Little did i know that he would pray that God would eliminate the deadwood. Having not explained clearly, i was stupidly assuming that it would be understood that by our prayers towards God purging, out with the old and in with the new STS, that we had been praying in terms towards reform of those attending and not anybody actually leaving.


Totally unexpected, this morning less than half the congregation showed (about 20+ souls). Everyone was wondering what was up and talking about encouraging those not there...

...but being arrested???

Well, before church this morning and after service tonight again God arrested me. In the exact same way both times telling me the very same things. (See with all the revival excitement and God's initial moving as there was so muc repentance happening and the outpouring beginning, what He first told and did to me before church had been forgotten already.

What He spoke in regards to His ministry towards this congregation and even myself both times was just a very few words preceeded by a short sharp shock that sent a chill up my spine as the Spirit's power burst came and went just as swiftly. (The second time it was written down.)

What The Spirit said is this:

Little foxes spoil the vine.
This Church must grow on
and those who do not strain towards the center of My perfect will, walk not in Me.
These walk in unbelief.
Unbelief leads into further sin.
He who is faithful in little is faithful in much.


Then towards me He spoke:
Those who cannot even be faithful in mammon
shall never see my kingdom manifest here.
To establish my Everlasting Covenant
I give wealth
and it is not to consume it on your flesh.

Having stopped me in my tracks and rattled my cage the first time, my wife and i were the first ones down for the count, at the prayer bench in front of the pulpit repenting.

After getting up from the pulpit, the thought came up, "...a little leaven..." and passed just as quickly.

Our nuclear family had compromised in a tiny way with just a small bit of the extra cash of late, thinking the whole family deserved a break from the regular daily grind before school was back in session.

We were dead wrong. Even though we thought it such a little thing, it's the little foxes that spoil the vine. (We had not even consulted God about this....dumb hunh?

i don't even know how many, but almost nearly all found their way to the front prayer altar today, confessing sin, repenting, and God has been refreshing with pouring out His Spirit in a big way.

Thank you all for standing in prayer towards this end, even though we here wondering, until that night, the direction of prayer that should be carried on in, because of only seeing little change.

God works through ya'll who participate.

i continued in agreement with Brother Frank's prayer from that night and the pastors followed suit in this.


What we need is not always what we want, as God uses us in spite of ourselves, and not because of anything we have done.


Mara Natha!

God bless you Brother Frank, and all who continue to participate with us on Teusday evenings.

Anybody who reads this is encouraged to set aside about an hour on Teusday evenings to join us.

Our great God always answers prayer.

Love, Hope, and Faith,

...I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears. And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified.
Acts 20:31-32

edited:for clarity

 2010/8/8 23:12

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