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 Federal Judge Overturns Gay Marriage Ban: Proposition

Federal Judge Overturns Gay Marriage Ban: Proposition

Federal Judge Overturns Gay Marriage Ban: Proposition 8
Wednesday, August 4, 2010 5:17 PM
"Lou Engle" [email protected]

Evangelical Leader Lou Engle

Responds to Judge Walker's Decision


Judge Walker in a sole act of imperial arrogance has just illegally cross the ancient and timeless boundaries of marriage set by the Creator and affirmed by generations, as well as the will of the people of California by ruling against Proposition 8 and striking down marriage between a man and woman.
This one man, one little "god,” has made himself like God and lifted himself up as the soul arbiter of moral truth. Judge Walker has “j-walked” across a highway boundary that has preserved society for centuries. We are witnessing the collapse of foundations that have and could continuously secure blessing and protection for our children and children’s children. Most likely this ruling will be appealed to higher courts and end up in a US Supreme Court tribunal.

What can be done at such a time as this? First of all, pray. If there is ever a time in American history that we need divine intervention and an undeserved mercy, it is now. Secondly, we must, as a people turn from our covenant breaking and our casual treatment of the sanctity of marriage. Thirdly, we must take a bold stand from the pulpits to the polls with an unwavering proclamation of truth, yet without reverting to unrighteous anger and hatred for those who oppose us. Finally, we must do the work of parenting by raising up Godly offspring even in the midst of the coming persecution of the church. America, America, how far we have fallen!

Lou Engle
President, TheCall to Conscience
[email protected]

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 2010/8/6 13:01

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