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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : N. Korea Threatens to Retaliate Against South

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 N. Korea Threatens to Retaliate Against South

North Korea's military threatened Tuesday to retaliate against South Korea over its planned naval drills this week near their disputed sea border.

The North's official Korean Central News Agency said that the military would crush the naval drills with a powerful physical blow and warned all civilian ships to stay away from areas near the sea border.

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 Re: N. Korea Threatens to Retaliate Against South

I am sure every one knows that the war is inevitable. We just don't know the time table. I often wonder if it's post/pre.


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 Re: N. Korea Threatens to Retaliate Against South

Having worked that part of the world, a lot of this "noise" is Kim the Third, (Kim Jong-Il's son) prepping to take over the reins from his ailing father. This happened when Kim Jong Il himself took over from Kim 1, Kim Il Song. a lot of bellicose posturing, missile launchings, naval incursions, were launched. It shows the military that the Kim offspring in question has the stones to be Dear Leader.

China is NK's only real friend, and there is no way they would let the NK's go postal..that said, is the peninsula a powderkeg that could explode at any moment?


but there's a ton of bluster and posturing on the whole Korean peninsula.

 2010/8/15 17:53

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