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 Begging for your prayer

I am helping someone start a life off of the streets. He loves Jesus, but relapses into sin all the time. It's become a strain on my soul when he sins in front of me. He's brain damaged but I don't know whether to attribute it to being evil, or his physical problems.

I feel drained spiritually, but keep feeling a need to help him.

I need strength from God. I need hope. I need protection. I need peace of mind. I need financial resources to continue helping him. I need the wisdom to know when I cannot do for him what God can only do.

He needs self-discipline. He needs wisdom. He needs submission to God.

I beg for your prayers brothers and sisters in Christ. I need God right now, and I believe in the power of prayer. Please, pray.

Peace to you,

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 Re: Begging for your prayer

I am praying Nathan.

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 Re: Begging for your prayer

Praying right now Nathan


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Jeremiah Dusenberry

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 Re: Begging for your prayer

Father, You know what Nathan needs at this time in his life.
You won't leave him or forsake.
Supply the need , in Jesus Name.

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I have an update to the situation.

The man I am trying to help is mentally unstable. After being patient all day, it came to an end. I started being incredibly frustrated at him. He doesn't stop talking, he swears constantly and when I - gently - tried to correct him he got angry at me.

I called his mother today to see if he could move back in with her. I left a message and his brother gave me a call back. The guy I am helping said his brothers are all drug addicts. But on the phone the brother said that it was totally false. The guy I'm helping got angry and took his things from my car and left. Now I have a guilty feeling. I don't know whether this is coming from the Holy Spirit or what. My mind goes to that verse about withdrawing from those who do evil.

I did start yelling back at the guy when he was getting his things out. I didn't swear, but I wasn't being nice about it.

I'm really confused. Should I have apologized for calling his brother? Should I try to go make amends? I'm so afraid of being on God's bad side. I was just trying to be "rich in good deeds" (1 Tim 6:17) as those who have things are supposed to do. But at the same time, if I am doing things without love what am I? Nothing.

Please God help me.

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 Re: Begging for your prayer

You don't want to beg us for prayer, although I agree we can all pray for this situation. But you need insight from God. You need the power of God. You need a vision from God, and I don't mean some mysterious vision, but a practical vision of what to do and how to proceed. Cry out to God for his Spirit to fill you and lead you. Yes, we will pray. We will pray that you will pray until you hear from the Lord and do what he says. Then all will be right. Perhaps not perfect, as the book of Acts sometimes shows, but the Lord's will will be done.

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Brother Nathan I will give you this one bit of encouragement, what you did was more than what most people would have done in your situation in letting someone of rough character live with you.

Unfortunately we can't win them all, kind of like you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. You can lead a person to Christ but unless they are hungry and thristy for righteousness then they won't drink the righteousness of Christ. You tried your best brother all you can do now is seek the Holy Spirit more on this matter.

Matthew Guldner

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 Re: Begging for your prayer

I would just keep planting seeds of Godliness friend. Be much in prayer & perhaps get a mentor from your church to help you. 3 strands are stronger than 1 for they make a rope. Perhaps the seeds won't take root when he's with you in your dwelling; but perhaps oneday they will bear much fruit. Pm me if there's anything I can do to help. "Lend another what you can spare; nay, give him if he needs, but never be a surety. It is no wisdom for a man so to help another as to undo himself."-Thomas Watson


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