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 The Impact Of Godly Parenting by W. B. Sprague

There is no human influence ever exerted in forming the character, more decisive, whether for good or evil, than that of parents; and if it be a well directed religious influence, we have a right to expect, both from the nature of the case and from actual experience, that it will secure the happiest results.

Let a parent train up his children in the way which the Bible prescribes (Prov. 22:6). Let him faithfully instruct them in the truths of God’s Word as soon as they are capable of being taught; let him render his instructions as familiar and practical as possible, mingling with them appropriate counsels and admonitions. Let him pray with them, and for them, and teach them to pray for themselves. If all this is not immediately instrumental in their conversion, it will, at least in all ordinary cases, render them peculiarly promising candidates for being converted to Christ. It will be a happy preparation for the effectual work of God’s Holy Spirit.

Go into any place you will, where the Holy Spirit has been extensively and powerfully at work, and you will find that the families which have been especially blessed, are those in which God has been honored by the faithful discharge of parental duty, and the general influence of Christian example.

From Lectures On Revivals by W. B. Sprague.

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