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 Have you ever fallen down ...

...with eyes wide open, as did Balaam, Num 24v4?

His eyes were opened to what God had shown him concerning Israel.

What do we do, with what God shows us? What do we do, with God given conviction?

Do we ignore, or acknowledge? Do we dismiss and spurn what God has shown us, or do we fall down with eyes wide open?

God forbid that we should ignore what He has unveiled to us.

We would do so at our peril.

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 Re: Have you ever fallen down ...

You are right on, Enid.

Too many times we hanker for revival - in other people - but refuse to let go of our own pet sins or rebellion.

In Balaam's case he later went on to advise his people how they can undermine the Israelites and get them to apostasize. How is that for one who has spoken for God in the past?


Sandra Miller

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Joined: 2006/5/22
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Nottingham, England


We see in Numbers 31v8, that Balaam was killed with the sword.

This is the result, as you have said, of him using others to get Israel to turn their backs on God.

When God does open our eyes, and He does, how will we respond?

There will be consequences, and who knows what else. But, why would God show it to us in the first place?

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