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America is counting down to the crossroad of what we'll say to God this Nov. 2 as to determining our direction as a government/nation ... God has me in Amos right now, and i hear Him saying in my spirit, "Last chance America, last chance" ... This thread is not so much for comments, as it is for prayer ... fervent prayer ... So be it known that if anyone wants to take me to task for anything regarding this thread i won't be answering, for i'll be to busy praying!

Although all politically active African Americans are not Democrats, the great majority of us are (i'm an Independent), due to the Democrats being more reactive to so many of the injustices suffered by blacks in America in the past 50 years ... But i think what has been forgotten is that it wasn't a party that helped us gain Civil Rights, but the God in whom we placed our faith in toward such attainment ... African Americans owe no allegience to any man, or party, in this regard, but to God, and even more so to Him, if any man, or party is for the institution of laws contrary to His Word ...

This Thursday past i watched a "Religion & Politics" program on C-Span, given by the Howard University School of Divinity, that makes the point for what i'm about to post ... They all, as the Spirit bore witness to my spirit, are operating out of blind allegience to the Democrats not based on Christian principle, but on personal preference, due to past, and percieved present injustice to our race, and not our Christianity ... So i fired off an open letter to ...

Rev. Dr. Cheryl J. Sanders, Senior Pastor
Professor of Christian Ethics at the Howard University School of Divinity

... to me the only voice of reason on the panel, because she at least said that it is imperative for Af/Am saints to weigh ALL the issues, and so i felt led of the Holy Ghost to make sure she become aware of this "blind allegience" issue ...

This is the e-mail i got back from her ...

((( Thank you for your response. I hear your criticism of Kerry, but I cannot
understand how George Bush can be seen as an appropriate choice for blacks
or for Christians, given his commitment to war and killing, with a
disproportionate number of our troops being our own young black men.

Cheryl Sanders )))

This is the e mail i sent back, and the reason why i've posted this thread ...

((( Pastor Sanders,

It's not about criticism of Bush or Kerry as men, but in which direction their policies will take and effect this country for the next 30 to 40 years via their Supreme Court placements ... As an African American myself i know why the Dems are our party of preference, but this is about something much bigger than preference ... This is about principal, Christian principal ...

To many liberals, particularly the radical homosexual wing, have an anti-Church, anti-Christian, anti-Christ, philosophy ... There is a chance, if it is the will of God, that the Black Church could be responsible for electing a Supreme Court that will be to the detriment of the entire American Church of Christ, regardless of any delineations ... When the law of the land becomes legalized homosexual marriages, and Christian pastors refuse, they will be prosecuted by law, and face the choice of obey or shut down ... And the Church's tax exemption won't be far behind, in fact it's in discussion now due to the blatant rule breaking of many African American churches in the allowance of Democratic politicalization from their pulpits ...

And lastly, regarding this war in Iraq, which by the way we wouldn't be in if God had not allowed it, and for His own reasons i might add, do you really think that this nation is going to fare better under the added sin of now harvesting unborn children for medical reasearch? ... The Black church right now is straining at gnats, and swallowing camels ...

Jesse Jackson calls stem cell research, continued abortion and gay unions wedge issues against whats best for Blacks as a race ... But i hear the Lord saying that what we're concidering as best for our race is the wedge issue against what's best for His principals, His Church, and this nation ...

If we allow ourselves, like Hezekiah, to invite in the Babylonian ... we will regret it later! ... We will be the instrument of bringing on much persecution to Christians and Christianity via government ... I find it ironic that the future of the American Church is so much in the hands of how the Black Church votes on election day ...

Your brother in Christ,

Rahman Reuben )))

Saints below are some sites that talk about the Church's tax exempt status ... And while some white/Republican oriented churches are also causing the ire of the ACLU, IRS and political parties, it will be by the misguided vote of the Black Church, that ultra left wing Supreme Court judges will get in, and that will not only be detrimental to the Church as a whole, but to this nation, and the world ... i don't care where you live on the planet saints, ultra liberalism in America is going to affect you adversly, because ultra liberalism in America is going to be quickly judged by the wrath and judgment of God ...

So please, ALL SAINTS, read Amos, and pray our Lord to take the scales from the spiritual eyes of the AMERICAN BLACK CHURCH, to see that at least in regards this election, to vote for Christ principles, and not it's usual preferences ... Amen

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 2004/10/25 13:36Profile

 Brother Rahman

Maybe I should hold my tongue on this, but the other day, when I posted a Scriptural reference to a post of yours from 1st Samuel where the people ask for a earthly king, you didnt discren what I was driving at.

The republican party is NOT the party of God, they give lip service to the body of believers to seduce them. They have no intention of ending legalized abortion, you're telling me in a land where its been made illegal to consume black market drugs that there is not a REASON abortion on demand is still legal. Search your heart, these secular republicans NEVER want to end abortion.

Why do you think it is that Tom Delay chased JC Watts, the last African American elected congressman out of the party?

Tom DeLay, who publicly says he's born again, yet has the nickname of the "Exterminator".

Look at all the red states in the south, who do you think is in the republican ranks within these states south of the mason-dixon?

you know who and you know how they think, if you're a black man in America you have drank from this bitter cup.

I'm a Jewish believer, and half my family is black, my only sister is bi-racial. The first churches I ever remember being in, are south side Chicago AME churches, I loved it! I'd had never seen anybody getting slain in the Spirit and running up the aisles, hands waving glorifying God. The cadence of the sermons, the meter, the "calm to storm" know about that homiletic method...."calm to storm".....and as recently as July I was just going to sit out this election, because as I reasoned, there was no way, I was going to vote for a candidate who was pro-abortion, pro-"choice"...then I heard Barack Obama candidate for Senate in Illinois my home state, speak at the convention, and when he said, "we worship an awesome God", I said I gonna be in the party he's in.

I'm not voting for Bush, and I'll tell you why;

the generational sin of deceit runs in his family, as a Jew, how do think I feel about his grandfather Prescott Bush being a banker for the nazi's, and continuing this LONG after he was warned by our government, until old Prescott and Brown brothers had to be fined to make them cease.

Bush 41 has been a long time friend to the Sa-udi kingdom, I'm not even going to go into a long thing about that, but suffice to say, I trust NOTHING out of his lips. Money is his god,let him continue to worship that idol, Lazarus is not selling ice water in Heaven.

and now Bush 43, with his lies, that got our nation embroiled in war, whose end is TOTALLY unclear, please do not tell me this is a righteous godly man, I've heard it from the church these many months, I heard it at the beginning of last year in the build up to war, and it literally sickens me, because I see the fruit, and its rotten.

If I offended you in any way, I beg your forgiveness. If I offended anyone, I beg their forgiveness. In a free land, (it still is) I am expressing my opinion.

In His grip,

 2004/10/25 14:13

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 Re: Brother Rahman


 2004/10/25 14:26Profile

 Re: ps to Brother Rahman

As I was meditating on what I wrote, there was one thing I failed to eludicate, and that is, I resist the terms "liberal" or "conservative". and let explain why.

I am conservative Biblically, I regard the Word of God as infallible inerrant and God-breathed, Perfect and Whole, from the first Word to the last.

and its also my belief that this Biblical conservatism will make me appear to be politically liberal to some....oh yes. The way I read the Bible, all murder is sin, hence I am anti-abortion, anti-death penalty and anti-war. I do not regard illegal immigration as something I abhor, in fact I believe that its God bringing the mission field to US. The concerns of the poor, the oppressed, the fatherless, the widow, occupy my heart,my prayers,my ministry and there are some that say that makes me a "liberal"....yet I do not regard a homosexual marriage as a God honouring way, its sinful,meaning its FULL of sin, fornication outside of marriage..sin...and some would call me a "conservative" for that stance.

In the end all I care about is if my Father calls me His "child".........all else is white noise.

God bless you sir.

 2004/10/25 14:47

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Lord God,

You said in your word "For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses" ...

Lord God there are so many injustices many of us have experienced in this life ... All vile, seemingly unforgivable injustices, prior to our coming to You ... But you make it possible for your children to forgive ALL such debts, for you taught us to pray, "forgive us our debts; as we also forgive every one that is indebted to us" ...

Open up the eyes of ALL your childern Lord, and in this case those of your African American children, to see that to be driven by unforgiveness in this political decision, is as spiritually vile and blind as all of the reasons we can come up with to judge all those of whom we feel wronged by ... Give us the wisdom to choose Your principals over our own selfish preferences ...

Help us all to see, that like You, self sometimes has to be sacrificed to attain a greater good ... And that no saint can ever see Your greater good thru eyes of "unforgiveness" ... And if i am in error Lord God, you know that i'm open to your reproof ...

This is just one of my many prayers in regards this issue Lord Jesus, and i ask it in Your name, and by power and might of Your Blood and Holy Spirit ... Amen

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