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 I'm confused. Is Rick Warren a false prophet?

I heard recent information that Rick Warren gave up some stuff and some prominent leaders are endorsing him now. Is Rick Warren a false prophet?

 2010/7/29 6:20

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 Re: I'm confused. Is Rick Warren a false prophet?

Brother nowadays to label someone as a false teacher causes much contention even if there is biblical presidence to do so. I was told my a former study group pastor that i had no place doing so that if indeed his hero pastor(multi-millionaire) was in error it was up to other pastors worldwide on his "level" to speak to him in private. My response was that if this teacher did something in private that was wrong then yes it would be better for him to be addressed in private and restored by peers. But if he was preaching heresy in public domain that is were he has to be corrected as his heresy has an affect on the audience listening to it. If a man of God can be restored in love in private depending on the nature of his offense i would say yes it would be okay to lovingly do so. But if the offense was such that it affects the public then thats where it should be addressed. Paul and peter wrote epistles that were read in public to the churches that they were sent to address specifically issues such as false teaching. What i have learnt from the examples of the Apostles was they focused allot on the false teachings itself so people would know how to identify and mark any present and future false teachers as opposed to them focusing on individuals entirely. that being said we are supposed to mark and avoid false teachers as instructed to do so. we are living in times of many fulfilled bible prophesy so we shouldnt lose heart. Sometimes you wanna scream out "cant you see they are eating the lords sheep" the last thing i would want to hear from the lord is that i was just a hireling and didnt care about his sheep. Or to say to me i never went searching for them from wherever they had strayed to Ez34 But its always wise to be prayerful so we can receive instruction from the lord(always confirmed in the word) as how to approach situations like false teaching especially when they involve people we love.

Rick Warren

I read the purpose driven lie a while back and even back then when i was in to that whole new age religion that is masqueraded as Christianity these days it didnt seem to feel right in my spirit. Personally i would say that through out the ages the spirit of anti-christ has used whatever vehicle at its disposal to lead many down the broad road of destruction. In this current age its humanism and the American dream and many other devices of selfish desire. The early church didnt have the wealth of 10 different translated bibles to choose from they depended allot on the Holy Spirit. dont get me wrong i love reading but the only source of truth regarding christ for me is still the bible. The commentaries and all the other great works are great tools but ever since i read

1 john 2:26 I am writing these things to you about those who are trying to lead you astray. 27 As for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit—just as it has taught you, remain in him.

The way i see it is he promised me he was gonna teach me in the person of the Holy Spirit. (If i have to choose between the Holy spirit teaching me an luther guess who id choose?)

thats the truth i hold on to regarding learning Gods word if some great theologian re-iterates what the Spirit teaches me then thats fine but if it doesnt line up or its of my own vain imagination i dispose of it quickly. I say this because its easy to start the race but finishing the race, thats another story many a theologian often quoted on SI were frail human-beings just like us. I dont see the puritans or rick warren (yes should be in the same sentence) or any other scholar as any kind of super human. I have often found that in studying these people the carnal mind can take over and and i end up worse of with all the information. The Holy Spirit should be our primary teacher not a dusty 18th century theology book (dont meant to cause offense to anyone). Does that mean we will learn theology first correctly everytime? well look at peter even after he was baptised in the Holy Spirit we read of Paul having to confront peter to his face regarding peters Hipocracy. well if peter got it wrong (even though he had received instruction from the lord before pauls rebuke) i think we can all get it wrong also. I say this because we cant always tell if someone has got it wrong or he is a genuine satanic henchman. So i hold off a littlt longer know before dishing out the labels.

John 8:
31 To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

Sola Scriptora

Answer: The teachings of Christ bring life because they are life when theologians expound thats great but if the holy Spirit isnt making the word of God alive in your hearts then whats the use? Lets focus on Christ teachings in the New T. Identify and avoid false scripture and go out and win some souls.

The humanist church is a scam the church has the highest divorce rates of all modern religions i read somewhere. Why is this do you think?

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 Re: I'm confused. Is Rick Warren a false prophet?

Rick Warren has never claimed to be a
prophet. He is pastor of a megachurch
and somewhat of a celebrity. Some of
his opinions and views are questionable
in light of scripture.

Martin G. Smith

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 Re: I'm confused. Is Rick Warren a false prophet?

There are many religious celebs out there a-hankering for your money.

They are selling tv shows, books, lit, seminars, CDs using the Word of God to do so.

I suggest you do as I do: ignore them, don't even read their stuff, or look at their videos. You will always end up with more questions and doubts - life provides you with enough of that without this added burden.

In the meantime, acquaint your self with the Author of the greatest book on this planet and study this WORD. Doing so will enlarge your understanding of this world, the foolishness of man, how God works including his attributes and power. What else would a person want? It is so satisfying, I promise.

Sandra Miller

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