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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : Part 2 - FALSE SPIRITS INVADE the CHURCH - Please Watch

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I believe Robert M McCheynne briefly discussed this topic on his discourse titled "Soul Winning" or "How To Win Souls".... & that was a few hundred years ago. The "whole" counsel of God must be preached! What happens when the blind lead the blind? This is indeed a terrible thing! Vengeance belongs to God; may some be pulled out of the fire. We must worship in Spirit & in Truth, or our worship is done in vain & profiteth nothing for the Glory of God. The Arm of the Lord isnot too short to save.


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YB - some interesting thoughts.
One thing I truly believe is that the New Testament COMMANDS us to expose such darkness for the sake of the precious sheep. We see the apostles doing this to the false doctrines and the "wolves" again and again. Otherwise the whole Body can be infected.

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I posted my reply about this on the first thread you put.

I wasn't really into the Lakeland thing. I'm not saying it's all God or all Satan. I can cut and paste if you'd like

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