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 Prayer for my family

God has blessed me so much recently! My 10-yr-old son is just seeking God with all his heart, we are in the word & pray together a lot- the coolest thing ever. My family is really experiencing financial strain, but God has faithfully provided our needs and then some. We are having to liquidate our rental houses because so many can't pay their rent & in turn the mortgage can't be paid. We are moving my sister & her two kids from back west because she is alone with two kids, homeless and out of unemployment. My husband will not have much work until fall as he works in the nuclear industry. God has been showing me over & over that I don't need to worry during these times & I have been so full of joy over all I've learned. My husband is a Christian, but won't stop worrying and is obsessed with our finances and financial future. He wakes me up in the middle of the night repeating our problems to me it's all he talks about. He drives our son crazy complaining about money over and over in the car, even on the way to and from church- I try hard not to have us all go anywhere together in the car other than that. He almost wrecked the car while ranting about money tonight. I have tried showing him in scripture where we are not to worry. I know I cannot put my hope in money or retirement accounts or possessions and I am praying for him. I have friends that sold thier home and possessions and took their family to minister to the homeless in Portland. They have brought so many to the Lord, and take a great deal of time discipling them daily. What a blessing and example they are to me. ( their names are Mike and Angela and they need prayer that God will provide them with an RV, as they have two kids, and it is hard on them moving around a lot with their parents' ministry).
Back to the subject, though- I know the Lord is our only hope and He is my rock, but my husband doesn't seem to be satisfied that I know the gravity of our situation unless he can bring me to tears daily. I need prayer for him. I wish he knew the peace God has given me about these things-I wouldn't trade it for a million dollars. I don't want others to see desperation in my life, I want them to see Jesus.

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 Re: Prayer for my family

I will pray for you and your family.

God bless

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 Re: Prayer for my family

I will be praying as well, I think we can all relate to the fincial strain our economy is throwing us but you put it very well that our hope is in the Lord. :) I pray that peace and understanding falls on your husband and that peace comes to you even more in a double portion.

God Bless,

Matthew Guldner

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 Re: Prayer for my family

I will be praying. This is very close to the same situation I am in. Sometimes I don't get up early to visit with him in the morning because I don't want my day to start out that way.

The thing is, men feel a great sense of responsibility to provide for their families, and when that is threatened they have overwhelming fear that manifests in anger and negative speaking. If they really knew the great provider more intimately they would walk in peace. But that is what God is trying to teach them.

I really have to check my attitude at times to walk in love and compassion with my husband. It is like a balancing act at times because there is nothing in me that can get in there and gloom & doom with him, and I don't want to re-enforce negative behavior, so I just keep pointing him to Jesus as our source. One day he will see it. Hallelujah. Until then, His grace is sufficient for me.

Again I will be praying because your plight is so close to mine.


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