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I am currently reading Thomas Aquinas " Summa Theologica" and I am slow to comprehend it although I have found his insight fascinating. I have come across several words that I can't find definitions for and they do not appear to be Latin. For instance innascibility and spiration are just a couple. Does anyone know where I might be able to find these and future definitions? Thanks in advance.

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 Re: Definitions?

Found this through Google search
(n.) The act of breathing.

more about it here

It seems to me that that definition relates to how Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit into the disciples.

Reading older works certainly challenges our word power, eh? It always brings to mind how much the human race has lost in only a few hundred years. As far as being able to communicate in written words.

Please, do not accept what I post as the end but search more on your own. Just enter the word you want in the Google Search window. Or, perhaps someone here can give a clearer picture.

Kind regards and please keep reading, just by those two words it is clear to me I am missing much by not having read that work.

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Thank you for the definition link.

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