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 Hospitals to ban Bibles

The ban, at the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, is intended to help cut levels of infectious superbugs such as MRSA.

Trust bosses said the Gideon International Bibles are hard to clean. They want all bedside areas in Queen’s Medical Centre and City Hospital kept tidy and “clutter-free” to stop deadly viruses breeding.

But Christian protesters said the holy texts pose a “minimal” risk of infection and called for the plans to be scrapped.

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 Re: Hospitals to ban Bibles

Bibles are no substitute for going
to visit the sick and ministering
to them!!

Martin G. Smith

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This is interesting because I am pretty sure those Bibles are very rarely opened by the patients if ever. If the patients do read a Bible, they usually have their own.
Sad to say, most disease is spread by the staff or by the patient themselves.
Though it's better than what it used to be, it's still not perfect. Some hospitals are worse than others about this just like, nursing homes.

Another trick of the devil to try to prevent the spreading of the Word. But God be glorified because His servants are every where!


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