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Some denominations say "when your saved...your saved for life and automatically heaven bound!"

Other denominations say "you must be saved..but if you walk away from God and stay to hell you go! In other words, you can lose your salvation!

I tend to believe the latter one! I believe that in my backslidden state that I HAD BEEN in til recently, I had lost my salvation! Wow! that's scary! According to the book that I read about Hell, there are people there including preachers that were once saved, then for some reason they walked back into the world and away from God. I know that the Lord was urging me to read it again as a reminder to "clean up my life", repent and come back to Him. Thank you Jesus for the cross and the shed blood TO WASH AWAY OUR SINS. I've been "JUSTIFIED" Just if I'd never sinned!


Any reaction to this subject?

Carly :-o

Carole Russell

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Other denominations say "you must be saved..but if you walk away from God and stay to hell you go! In other words, you can lose your salvation!

Carly this topic has been discussed quite abit on SermonIndex in different places. I would suggest you spend some time in the archives of the forums and also utilize the search feature to search the forums. There are alot of great old discussions over the last year and abit to puruse. My own personal opinion on the subject is that Jesus calls us to Abide with Him. what happens if we dont abide? well the scripture says we are 'casteth away' (John 15). If we are a new creation and are life is in Christ Jesus then we will of necessity seek Christ daily as He will be our life-source. Its a common misconception amongst most Christians that we are saved by saying a prayer etc, but rather the truth is we are saved when we come to a person that being "Christ Jesus" and we are saved when we are in Him, for HE is our salvation. Salvation is a person. I really encourage you to listen to this sermon: The Timelessness of God by Major Ian Thomas, he delves into this abit and some of the precepts covered could help you.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Thank God!!


I believe once your saved, there is no worse feeling than knowing you are living outside the Will of God and what He has for you in this earthly existence.

We cannot sin, oblivious, like we once did in our darkened states, once we have come to live in Christ and He in us.

Carly on the site, there's a wonderful sermon that Dr. Michael Brown preached during the Brownsville Revival, called "Holy Desperation", that has encouraged me more than once, when I felt myself getting cold. (it may be here at sermon index I dont know)
(you go to "message bearer's" in the left column at fire on the altar to find Dr. Brown)

Dr. Brown speaks of becoming desperate for the things of God...a wonderful sermon.

We're saved to serve, oh I believe that with all my heart.

I'm praying right now, that God speaks to us all with clarity on where we are to serve Him, whether that be abroad, at home, on our knees, in love, or all of the above.

May Jesus love you lavishly tonight.


 2004/10/25 3:30

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