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 Rest In The Dividing Hand Of God

God has put a dividing line between his people and the world. Just as He did the children of Isreal and the Egyptians. God said "I will put a division between thy people and thee" (Exodus 9:23). In (Exodus 9:3-6) notice God told Moses to tell pharaoh the hand of the Lord is upon thy cattle, horses, asses, camels, oxen, and sheep. And the Lord shall sever between the cattle of Isreal and the cattle of Egypt. And when all the cattle of Egypt was dead not one of the cattle of Isreal died.

When the plagues came upon Egypt the Isrealites in Goshen was protected. When the swarms of flies were in Egypt there was none in Goshen (Exodus 8:22,23). When hail mixed with fire was in Egypt there was none in Goshen (Exodus 9:15-26). When swarms of locusts were in Egypt there was none in Goshen (Exodus 10:12-15). And when there was darkness in Egypt the children of Isreal had light in Goshen (Exodus 10:21-23). And when the plague of death was to come upon the first born of Egypt God said take the lambs blood and put it on the 2 side posts and the upper door post and the plague would pass by them (Exodus 12:7,12,13). And when they did even when they were in the midst of the Egyptians that angel of death passed at the blood of the lamb.

Well the lamb of lambs has shed his blood for you and you can be covered everywhere you go. That's why it bothers me when I hear the people of God talking like the world. They say- You're not safe anywhere. Even after God has said "For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways" (Psalms 91:11,12). They talk about catching the swine flu, the bird flu, or some other thing when God has said "There shall no evil befall thee, nor shall any plague come near thy dwelling" (Psalms 91:10). They worry about the armed robber when God has said "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper" (Isaiah 54:17). They talk about recession when God has said that the upright shall be satisfied in the days of famine (Psalms 37:18,19). Just because some plague comes upon the land it do not have to come upon you. Too many christians are living on the wrong side of the dividing line. Learn to rest in the dividing hand of God.

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