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 Church Asleep on its feet....

Nephelim are officially here and reproducing all over the world. These are fallen angels. You will find the operating behind the Jezebel spirit, and whoredom spirits, human trafficking or forced prostitution as well as kidnappings. Destruction of the family unit.

Pray for dismantling of Satans kingdom. Pray for unity of the body of all churchs across party lines. Pray for peace and protection of all christians. Pray for the earth, air, atmosphere. Satan is dismantling the earth. Changing the weather paterns.

Pray for me and my family, you get major threats for the truth.

***Through Intercession you get the heart and mind and words of Jesus. We get words that he wants delivered.
If you need confirmation: This is how you pray....

Heavenly Father in the Name of Jesus, you are the Spirit of Truth and know all things. Fill me up with your Holy Spirit. Let your wisdom, and voice come to me. Open my eyes to see, and ears to hear your voice. Let your word manifest to me by your Holy Spirit.

Hear are scriptures to stand on or ponder:

John 16:13, Ephes 3:5, John 16:13, PS 145:18, PS 145:13,
II Cor 10:3-4, Math 16:19, Rev 11:15, John 14:17, Math 11:12, I John 4:4, I John 4:6, Eccles 12:14, II Cor 10:4,
I Cor 2:10,

John G. Lake wrote in Sept 1909 "Gods call to Christian Churches today is to come forth from their hiding place...
to meet the king."

Rhema: When Jesus comes to get his bride some will be ready in Faith, waiting, some will not. There will be those who will be left to go thru the Tribulation! Ready is a choice....

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 Re: Church Asleep on its feet....

I don't understand what you mean. What do you mean by nephilim are offically here and all over the world?

Why should we pray for the earth, air and atmosphere?

Changing the weather patterns?

A bit too tabloid headlining for me.

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 Re: Church Asleep on its feet....

Praise God, He is is still in control and nothing can be done outside of His will. Don't fret so much about what the devil is doing! Lift up your head, your redemption draws near!


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Thanks for some soberness. Some seem to forget who God is.

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