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Rainman...I have no idea where anything "new age like" ever could be found in The Midas fact it was Hagin's rebuke of teachers that are teaching unbiblical extremes concerning financial blessings. You actually read the book????

Did you read the 3 points of the doctrinal statement I posted concerning salvation? Those are what I personally heard Hagin preach for years. Do you agree they outline a solid belief concerning the topic?

I am not defending any other ministers teaching you mentioned...I simply don't have enough knowledge of hearing them first hand to have a legitimate opinion. However, concerning Hagin I certainly do. The attacks I have seen spewed against him are almost always all false. I would not want to be in the shoes of falsely accusing a fellow Christion.

Did he have ANY error....I am sure he did. Do YOU have any error...I am sure you do. Do I have any error...I am sure I do. We ALL do on some points...we see through a glass darkly. However there are central points and dogmas we DO agree on.

Please reread those three doctrinal points I posted and see if there is any way you could doubt that is a clear born again brother in Christ.Again, I don't know about the other ministers you posted...but about Hagin I absolutely do.

Blessings To You and Have a Great Week!

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