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 Pray For Bob Jennings

Dear friends and family,

Please continue to pray for a dear friend of mine who is facing insurmountable uncertainly concerning his physical state at the moment. Brother Bob Jennings has had a great deal of discomfort in recent days that has robbed him of much rest.

The following is the most recent email that I received from Bob over the weekend:
My dear friends in our blessed Redeemed,

I want to report that Terri and I got back from the Columbia hospital about 4:00. The doctor said it looks like I do have pancreatic cancer. There is a tumor (about 1.3 cm) that was blocking everything. They inserted a stint to allow the bile to flow and already the itching is reduced. The danger right now is that the pancreas would not go into shock or become infected. He said the pancreas is like a mad dog -- if you poke a stick at him, you can have trouble. Think how important it is to be anxious for nothing. Our inner parts are sensitive.

I will find out on Monday what the biopsy report reveals. I need right now to lay low and be quiet before God in whose hand is my life breath and all my ways. Thank you very much for your love -- love! An incredible reflection of God.

A fellow-partaker,
Bob J.
After running a temperature of over 100 throughout the night, Terri, Bob's wife, took him to the emergency room at the hospital early this morning for medication. I spoke with Terri a few minutes ago at the hospital and she told me that Bob is exhausted and nauseated. Your prayers for my dear brother and friend would be most appreciated.


here are bob jennings sermons on sermonindex:

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Pray For Bob Jennings

Oh God! Only You can supply what our Brother needs.
Go to him now.
Let the Virtue of Jesus Christ flow into his mortal body.
There is Power in the Blood of Jesus.
Touch his wife.
Give her Your Strength.
In Jesus Name.

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Got to hear brother bob on a cd the other day preaching and truly a man of God from just hearing him preach, i will definitely keep him in prayer

John Beechy

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 Re: Pray For Bob Jennings

Praying for this dear brother!


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God is more than able. I will be praying.


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