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 Real Prophet?

Have you guys heard of david owuor?
He's a Kenyan and apparently has prophecied about Katrina, Haiti Earthquake and so on.
I live in Korea, and a text message is being sent to like all the Korean Christians that if we do not repent, there will be a war in 2 months. He says that the Korean church has taught the prosperity gospel and that sexual sin is overwhelming and God wants the people to repent and be Holy.

So the thing is, the message is pretty solid. There is so much prosperity gospel where people are using God just as a means to get things or even have a better "spiritual life" instead of living in Him, for Him, and by him.

So i looked this man up, and during his interviews, he doesn't have a cross encounter with Jesus. He just says God started to speak to Him and called Him. But all Christians first need to realize what a dreadful sinner that I am and see that wonderful Jesus on the cross. This needs to be imprinted in the heart by the Holy Spirit. But he doesn't talk about it and it kind of seems like the old testemant.

Also, he said that he cohabitated with a woman but she left him when God started giving him visions and messages. He says that he now sees it was a plan of Satan to distract Him.
Now, it is true that Satan distracts us, but does he not distract us by playing with our sinful hearts? So in other words we have to repent of our past acts instead of just saying that it was spiritual warfare of somesort.

But on the other hand, the message that he gives about the church loving money, sex, propsperity is true.

Does anyone know this guy and care to comment?
I think we have to be careful here because we don't really know if he's for real or not.
If you type david owuor on google, he will come up.

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 Re: Real Prophet?

Jer 28:9 has helped me a lot when it comes to things like this.



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 Re: Real Prophet?

I have asked the same questions about Dr. Owuor. He has had many prophecies that have been fulfilled, the word is on video, and the fulfillment. I do hear him preach the cross strongly on these videos. I guess after 2 months you will know if he is speaking the truth with regards to Korea.

As far as him just being called, I don't know anything about that. However in gospels Jesus called a number of men and they just followed.


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