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 Woman Hurt in Red Sox Revelry Dies


BOSTON - A college student died Thursday of a head injury suffered in a clash between police officers and a crowd of Red Sox fans who poured into the streets outside Fenway Park to celebrate their team's victory over the New York Yankees (news).

Victoria Snelgrove, a 21-year-old journalism major at Emerson College, was among 16 people hurt in the revelry in Boston. The injured also included a police officer.

Most of the injuries were minor, but Snelgrove suffered a severe head wound as police tried to subdue the crowd, authorities said. Mayor Tom Menino told WBZ-AM that she was struck by a "non-lethal weapon," but he did not elaborate.

David Procopio, a spokesman for the district attorney, said the office is investigating whether the student's injuries "were sustained in any way during crowd control measures."

Eight arrests were reported during the Boston celebration. The crowd set several small fires and numerous fights broke out, police said.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Woman Hurt in Red Sox Revelry Dies

It appears it was a projectile fired from a police officer, "designed to to break upon impact, dousing the target with pepper-like spray", it hit her in the eye.

Mike Balog

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So Sad! Hope she was ready to meet our Lord.

I remember all the celebrations in Detroit after championships, or losses. People thrown from roofs...
And of course, the night before Halloween! Scary.

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It seems like satan really takes advantage of our emotions at events like this and things so easily get out of control.May be its a picture of whats to come?


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 Re: Woman Hurt in Red Sox Revelry Dies

How sad indeed, hopefully instances like this one will serve as a wake up call to the church.
Our soceity has come to idolize these games, it consumes us it makes us cry and makes us joyfull IT CAPTURES OUR HEARTS and our time.
I am a huge red sox fan and would love to see them win the world series but have been getting convicted by the amount time that goes into these events.
So my prayer for this tragic event for this young lady is that this would be a wake up call to those who would listen and that we would pray that there would be a holy interurption during all the sporting events of our time. That games would be canceled because the thing that stirs us would be time wiht our Father in prayer and in communion. Stadiums would be filled with contrite hearts worshiping the King of Kings in spirit and in truth. And we his bride would see His heart blessed by the lost and forsaken coming in HIS KINGDOM to honnor HIM.
well those are some of my thoughts on the matter
blessings brothers and sisters

andrew james

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I am a huge red sox fan and would love to see them win the world series but have been getting convicted by the amount time that goes into these events.

Could interject Greg's oft used quote "BALANCE".
I understand the extremes [b]extremely[/b] well. Being at one time a complete and total sports nut and to some extent still am, it's just taken a whole new paradigm shift in the past couple of years. It's not even a matter of putting it into some kind of priorities listing.

Oh you wouldn't believe how bad it was...Before being abducted from above we certainly had our 'gods', everything revolved around football, baseball, basketball, hockey. Game days would bring out our offerings and superstitions. Laying out our garb before the high priest TV, pennants and t-shirts, everything and anything that would give our team and edge, or so we would think. Then there was the drink offerings, which were really consumed in vast quantities, maybe if we had poured them out we would have spared some brain cells. It's almost comical now if it wasn't at the same time sobering.

How fanatical? As a Shark fan, had fins on my truck rack, later on the license plate on my Jeep read "BLEED TL" for 'bleed teal' (The Sharks colors) since have had a blood transfusion, but there is some traces left in the DNA :-P ...

God has given us all things to enjoy and don't see a need to defend or detract from doing that in balance. At least sports in and of themselves aren't scripted nor come with a laugh track built in. Sadly all the advertisement now attached to it and the other baggage, fanaticism and even the sad results of this woman...sin hasn't left anything untouched in it's wake upon this earth.

Back at it's core I find it still can be enjoyed for what it is without it becoming anything more than that now. God is first and foremost in [b]all[/b] things.

So brother I hear not only your warnings but also your pain as a long suffering Red Sox fan :-) Yeah, I jumped on the bandwagon perhaps even earlier, which I always do when my teams get bumped off. You got a couple of our guy's over there now (From the A's). We went through this last year with the 'evil empire' (that would be the Yankees for those listening in here) and even that brutal head collision served as a helpful reminder of what constitutes priorities. Better fill in that.
Last year these same two teams met up in the playoffs and at one point two of the Red Sox players collided in the outfield going after a pop fly. One was Johnny Damon the other..don't recall now, but it sent a wave of silence over everyone. Very serious, I thought Damon was dead. Who says that baseball isn't a violent sport? Real close call.

Besides, it is easier to root for this band of misfits, these scrappy 'who's your daddy' pitching, John the baptist looking (Damon), blue collar, pine tar covered bunch. You guy's have suffered long enough...just as long as you can stay away from another game 7.

So unapologetically I can say:

Go Red Sox!

Mike Balog

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