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 Are Obama Freudian Slips Pointing Toward Islam?

Are Obama Freudian Slips Pointing Toward Islam?

by Pieder Beeli, WorldNetDaily

WASHINGTON, DC - By his eponymous father and by his Indonesian rearing ¾ where both his school records and the predominant culture was Islamic ¾ Barack Obama has an Islamic heritage.

Yet Obama has publicly professed himself to be a Christian. How do the opposing forces of Islam and Christianity play out in Obama's mind?

Often we can tell the truth about what someone believes by performing an inferential or forensic analysis. We analyze what is implied rather than what is explicitly stated. This is especially helpful for the case of Obama for whom there are over 150 documented lies.

In light of the Islamic sanction of taqiyya, this sort of analysis could be especially valuable. Taqiyya has its origins in the prophet of Islam who allowed one of his followers to lie in order to kill someone who mocked the prophet.


When speaking of the origins of Islam, why does Obama use the word "revealed"? In his Cairo speech, Obama said, "I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed [emphasis added]." One does not expect a Christian to suggest that God revealed Islam to Muhammad for the simple reason that if God did such, then Christianity is wrong.

Why would not Obama instead choose to say, "when Islam was invented" or "fabricated ¾ or at least use the more equipoise "when Islam began…"?

I find this especially telling in that I have not been able to find Obama use the term "revealed" to speak of God's doings in a Judeo-Christian context. For example, I have not heard Obama affirm the central Christian tenet, "The love of God was revealed to us on the cross of Jesus Christ."

Taking score so far, concerning the depictions of the origins of Islam and Christianity (Obama's professed faith), the score is Islam +1, Christianity 0.


Similarly, when referring to the foundational book of Islam, why does Obama regularly and forcefully append the word "holy"? Obama calls the Quran, "the holy Quran." Again, one does not expect a Christian to suggest that the Quran is holy, because the Quran and the Bible contradict each other. If the Quran is holy, it should also be true ¾ and if the Quran is true, then the Bible is incorrect.

So while Obama's use of the term "holy Quran" is telling in itself, it is especially telling when contrasted with Obama's description of the foundational book of Christianity. In contrast, I have not heard Obama append the world "holy" onto the Bible. Curiously, I have heard Obama forcefully mock the Bible.

Concerning the foundational texts of Islam and Christianity, then, forensic linguistics tell us that the score is Islam +1, Christianity -1 (that's minus 1). Adding this to the previous tally concerning the veracity of the central faith theme (Islam +1, Christianity 0) this leads us to the net score of Islam +2, Christianity -1.


Likewise, why is the Obama administration directing that ex-Muslim, Christian and firstborn son of one of the founding sheikhs of Hamas, Mosab Hassan Yousef – who has saved thousands of Israeli and Palestinian lives from Islamic suicide bombings ¾ be extradited from the US and sent to Palestinian territories where he is sure to face certain death?

While all historic schools of Sunni Islamic jurisprudence affirm the death penalty for apostasy, Obama has not allowed this fact to entertain hesitancy in sending Mosab to certain death. Obama's actions suggest that while killing some al-Qaida terrorist in Afghanistan is acceptable, apostatizing from Islam is not.

The matter of Mosab Hassan Yousef reveals a score of Islam +1, Christianity -1. This brings our net forensic-analysis tally to Islam +3, Christianity -2.


Against a backdrop of Muslims turning violent at the drop of some cartoons and an Islamic literary movement the world over that demonizes non-Muslims and especially Jews, Obama's word to the Muslim community is not that Islam should respect pluralism and learn how to be magnanimous, but rather that Islam should be respected. When free speech and Islam conflict, Obama has chosen Islam. Obama did not defend the importance of the First Amendment; neither did he cite art offensive to Christians as a similar evil. Obama does not appear to be anchored in a principle like free speech. Rather, Obama's rhetoric and action suggest that the actual Obama policy is "If it is not good for Islam, let's do what we can to speak and work against it."

Obama shows a deference to align public policy with Islam. However, he shows a strong refusal to align public policy with Christian principles. When the context is Christianity, Obama warns against "sectarianism" and supports "secularism" (really, atheism). When the context is Islam, Obama seems to embrace this sectarianism as much as is politically possible.

On the matter of free speech and religious offense, Obama's score is Islam +1, Christianity -1 – and our cumulative Obama score is Islam +4, Christianity -3.


Pamela Geller has documented many more Obama acts suggestive of an Islamic faith. To wit, there are reports that Obama himself confided his Islamic faith to Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit.

Dozens of further examples continue to reveal Obama's preference of Islam over Christianity. While Obama may not be a Muslim, his fealty toward Islam and multiculturalism far exceed his fealty toward Christianity.

The Bible tells us, You shall know the tree from its fruits. By examining Obama's fruits, we find his faith to be far more rooted in Islam than in Christianity.



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 Re: Are Obama Freudian Slips Pointing Toward Islam?

But is anyone actually surprised by any of this?

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 Re: Are Obama Freudian Slips Pointing Toward Islam?

You know guys, I’m just going to open my heart about this matter; this is the hardest time I’ve ever had trying to keep my focus on the Lord and not on a man. I’m doing my best to stay out of politics and learning to just pray and trust the Lord about who is in Washington; I know that people are going to say it’s our God given right to be involved in politics. I agree with you too, but for “me,” and my house, I want to serve the Lord.

Isaiah said in 55.8, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.”

I just wanted to submit this thought for anyone who wants to read it: where ever we are, do we watch what we say about Obama? When we talk about Obama out in public, at “church,” and the hardware store and people who disagree with us listen to us; do you think we have essentially cut off ministering to those who disagree with us politically (and otherwise)?

In the halls of eternity, will it matter that we were irate with a president, whether he was muslim or not, whether Washington is going to do anything about it or not? (I'm not saying that is it is easy to not focus on him; it's not.)

Or do you think it'll be of greater importance to God that we were free to minister to who He wanted us to minister to?

God bless us all,


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