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 Re: On a path like me and you.

The problem with public ministry, is that things are made public. Wow! If people could see me when I'm bound by the Flesh.....I'm deeply ashamed at some of my carnality over the years; and especially in marriage...being so for 25 years..[ my wife passed 6 years ago..]


I was going to make the same comment, you took the words out of my fingers and said it better than I ever could!

For the record, I've had 'problems in my marriage' 99% of them being my own fault (I say with deep shame). Most marriages do have 'problems' because you are meshing together two people with different views on certain things but most of all problems come from pride. Believe it or not we are not all 'Mike and Carol Brady' behind the scenes, that's pretend life (funny the root meaning of 'hypocrite' is 'actor' huh?) not reality.


EJ Lear

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 Re: greg violi

If I may add - there is a difference between having problems which cannot be resolved within the parameters set by scripture due to one person refusing to come to Christ, and having problems which, as learjet pointed out, are more a matter of pride to the person whose repentance will free the logjam within a Christian marriage.

 2011/3/30 13:25

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I can assure you that Greg definetely never has had any marriage problems. We have many witnesses here in Bielefeld. We are seeing so many good fruits out of his ministry.

if I had not meet him, I would be still in deep sin. God used Greg Violi to deliver me from pornography and many other sins. That is 3 years ago and since that time I am walking in victory. Brother Daniel can testify this, many of you know him. let every fact be established by two or more witnesses. God changed our fellowship and delivered us from judging, unforgiveness, uncleanness etc.

Many people in Germany experienced deep healing in their marriages through this ministry and in many meetings with Greg there is much confession of sin, repenting and brokeness, and because of all the confessing and repenting there is a very strong manifest presence of GOd in the meeting. That is the main fruit of his ministry.

Greg Violi learned many things from R. Edward Miller (the one from the argentina revival) and from Arthur Burt. Miller is dead, but you can ask his son Robert Miller or you can ask Arthur Burt (He is still alive, he is living in Wales) about Greg Violi.

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As our name depicts, we are the four daughters of Greg Violi. We would like to testify to our personal life experiences with Greg and Marie Violi. We have witnessed for the last twenty five years our parents lay down their lives for the Body of Christ. They have chosen to put the Kingdom of God even before their own family. As a result of making this decision thousands of times we have reaped much blessing in return. It has all been possible through the tremendous mercy of Jesus. We are so grateful to be apart of this ministry which has witnessed hundreds of families come to know the love and presence of Jesus that we have experienced our entire lives. Its all about Jesus and we are so blessed that God has given us two living examples of HIM. -Stacy, Jean, Grace, and Lydia.

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We are locking this thread. Not due to an judgment on anything in the thread but for the fact that this brother has been mentioned many times before in the forums and I don't see for a need to publically try to confirm or denounce this brothers ministry in this way. His fruit will bear witness for itself.

We wish all the greatest blessings on Greg's ministry. Amen to brother Tom. If anyone who have served the Lord had their faults brought publically every single person would be disqualified.

This thread is being locked.

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