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 Angus Buchan - Revival/Evangelism ministry - Faith Like Potatoes

I found only one thread regarding this ministry on SI. (I missed that thread when it was posted last month). LINK -

I checked the movie FAITH LIKE POTATOES out at my local library and the interviews in the special features makes it clear that this is based on real events and very recent ones.

A search on google included: “Multitudes gather to hear Angus Buchan against backdrop of racial tension in South Africa More than 350,000 men gathered on a farm in South Africa from 16 to 18 April for the seventh Mighty Men’s Conference (MMC) led by farmer turned evangelist, Angus Buchan.”LINK -

He was in Ireland June 10-12: Angus Buchan coming to Ireland 2010 - part 1 of 2 AND Angus Buchan coming to Ireland 2010 - part 2 of 2

Several days ago he ministered in England.

Things that stand out to me: very reality based faith, the death for life message, seeking God for revival, messages similar to Denny Kinnison regarding the family, a ministry to men of God. At least one conference (300,000) had no admission cost. I am a touch sorry that God TV carried the Ireland meetings because they have discernment problems and that may have put him in touch with their confusion.

GREG: This man could be someone for fellowship with Sermonindex. Perhaps come to a conference. Did you meet him in South Africa or hear of what God was doing. Two years ago was the first large gathering I think on the farm.

SI MEMBERS: Has anyone in England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia been to these gatherings. How did he speak about revival?

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