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Agree with Krispy mostly here.

The things that other people are saying, particularly concerning Christians who worship outwardly but have no real worship inwardly, thats a different matter in my opinion.

But watching a soccer game.

Can you watch a soccer game in you house? Whats the difference then?

In Korea we have these massive revivals and pary pouring our hearts out and everybody is in tears. After the service people go eat dinner. I thought this a bit akward. All that grace and love recieved and people go back in little groups to have dinner. Wipe out those tears and start shoving those appetizers down your throat!

But I think the problem is that we devide the spiritual and the "our every day life" too much. Because we are not abiding in Him through out the whole day, we set apart a certain "worship time" when we are to "become his." Then we go back to our own lives. Thus the feeling of akwardness becuase you've suddenly came out from that "spiritual phase" and now are going back to the "every day life" phase.

The answer is that I have to stop deviding life like that. Yeah, I have to walk with Christ like Enok did in all aspects of life. That is not to say that "there is nothing bad unless done in Christ." Of course there are things not to be done. Soccer should not be watched if it is an idol in your heart and you kind of go fanatic for it.

There are also those that change this around and say that everything is to be done with God so it doesn't really matter what I do as long as it's done in Jesus so they just go on living their own lives.

Dunno what happened to take the cross and follow me, deny yourself. What happened to Preach to the nations; Thy Kingdom come thy will be done. To a person that says "only my relationship with christ is all that matters." sigh... just... please look at that Asian who is dying because he doesn't know Jesus..All this focus on us, my life, my walk..

Anyway, so while we are focused on his Kingdom and his cross, and have to live our ordinary lives, we should try to abide in Christ more, instead of saying something is carnal because it's not spiritual. Dunno if I came across right.

Anyway, our church viewed the world cup together. We had a good time cheering and chatting; and although Korea lost to Argentina 4-1, hey we had a nice family time.

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Ok folks. How about those brothers and sisters in chains and bondage RIGHT NOW because of their faith? They cannot meet in a building. what happens when the end comes, and we are hunted as Christians? Are we to tell everyone hunting us to put their lives on hold so we can meet in a building? How about our brothers and sisters in Iran, N. Korea, Afganistan, Columbia, India, Philippians, etc... Where the mere mention of the Lord or holding "church" can very well mean their life.

The LAST place that you will find Jesus when He returns is in a church building, behind a pulpit. Lets get serious people.


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By the way... someone implied that watching sports cuts short our time with the Lord. I'd like to comment that enjoying sports is not a sin. Being totally obsessed with sports to the point where it becomes an idol or a god in your life... thats a sin.

I love football (real football, not that soccer junk). I played football, I coach football, I watch football. But it does not define who I am. God defines who I am. Football is a tremendous way for me to reach the youth of my area for Christ... and I do just that.

I also enjoy watching football on a Sunday afternoon. It's relaxing (as long as the Panthers are winning... which it was not too relaxing this past year!). Seriously though, it helps me unwind, and it's something we do as a family to connect.

That's all godly. On the 7th God rested from all of His work... and later on He established the Sabbath day as a day of worship... and rest. (for you cherry pickers, yes, I know we do not obeserve the "Jewish Sabbath" now... I know that)

The Sabbath rest is still a principle. Man needs rest from his work. Scripture tells us so. I know some folks like to come to this forum and tell us how they think we should spend all day Sunday on our knees in prayer and reflection... great if you can do that (tho I question your problem with pride for telling us that), but I'm an average dude. I have my quiet time... I have fellowship with our fellow believers... I have ministry that I do... and then I also put my feet up and watch the Panthers play.

And for the Packer fans who miss part of the game to fellowship with believers... get a DVR! You should get one anyway so you can fast forward through all the commercials.


 2010/6/25 12:45


by KrispyKrittr on 2010/6/25 8:45:30

By the way... someone implied that watching sports cuts short our time with the Lord.


If you are implying that i implied that, there was no implication of that at all. The heart of the issue is not what you do with your time; but, are we recognizing that our time isn't really ours at all.

'Belial' means "Without-a-master."

We have been bought with the life blood of Jesus Christ, and in taking part in His death, our new life just ain't normal at all anymore.

The question was priorities, and not recognizing we are not our own, but are bought with a price that nothing at all that has anything at all to do with this world can pay.

Is it too much for God to ask our life of us?
What did He give that we can have life eternal?

The issue is if we are following Jesus example through denying our selfs and serving God's perfect will.

I could care less if anybody plays or watches sports. Sometimes i participate, though my 'cross' may be suffering through watching through a game with armchair atheletes who won't even throw a ball with you, much less play a rousting game of rugby. jkjkjklolol... Here in this part of the country i have alot of trouble getting up a hockey game, much less finding folks who can grind ice. (I'm confined to white water, mountain climbing, spelunking, and to ski downhill when and if God makes these things possible and available towards me. Almost 50 yet still looking for more adventure, greater challenges, and still grinding ice.) Somehow it's wondered if allthese things are not training for something much bigger?


Sabbath is not a mere principle, but God's commandment, with promise, (Is. 58:13, 14). Take it from one who experiences this promise through the doing: wouldn't anybody rather God fought through all potential struggles for them, instead of fighting and praying about their concerns? If a person takes up God's concerns as their own, just because they love Him and want to be on the same page with Him, don't you think that God will take up your concerns as His own and spend more time with you? (God's response to us is based on how we he sees us act towards what He says, 2 Sam. 22: 25, 26, 27, 28.

All in all, response was regarding attitudes that govern the "seat-of-affection'<--- = heart. It wasn't about sports at all, rilly.

acts 20:32

 2010/6/25 20:24

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