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 Door-to-door Visitation

Two church members were going door to door. They knocked on the door of a woman who clearly was not happy to see them. She told them in no uncertain terms she did not want to hear their message and then slammed the door in their faces.

To her surprise, the door did not close. In fact, it bounced back open.

She tried again, really put her back into the job, and slammed the door again.

Same results. The door bounced back like it was made of Silly Putty.

Convinced one of these rude church members was sticking a foot in the door, she reared back to give the door a slam that would teach them a lesson.

Just then, one of the church members said, "Ma'am, before you do that again, you might want to move your cat."

Just a little laugh, before I express how greateful I am to the man/woman/institution who created this website. Thank you, this surely must be from God. A lot of people's life have been blessed by the many men and women who have given themselves to the preaching of the Gospell. Thank you very much

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 Re: Door-to-door Visitation

This cracked me up! Poor cat!

Welcome and God bless you, this site has indeed been a blessing to me as well.


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 Re: Door-to-door Visitation

well you have tickled my funny bone, but being a cat lover, I am grieved as well. Mixed emotions are so hard to deal with. ;0)


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 Re: door-to-door visitation

Good thing it wasn't at my house- who knows what kind of animal would've been in the doorway. It must be why the Lord has saved myself & my family- to protect others who might want to share Christ with us from our menagerie;>

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