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 Gliggy Bluks

Gliggy Bluk was an Indianapolis press nickname for early Pentecostals in Indianapolis. Missionaries from the 1906 Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles came to Indianapolis in early 1907.

Indianapolis News

June 5, 1907 p. 4
“Woman Sticks to Bluks; Husband Asks Divorce” Tom and Ida May Oddy
June 11, 1907 p. 4 “Police Are Spectators at ‘Bluks’ Meeting”
June 17, 1907 p. 1“Desire the ‘Bluks’ To Go”
June 17, 1907 p. 7 “Gliggy Bluks Bathed In Fall Creek Waters”
June 17, 1907 p. 7 “Spray From the Gliggy Bluks’ Water Carnival” Cartoon
June 19, 1907 p. 1 “Mayor Will Protect The ‘Gliggy Bluks’”
June 20, 1907 p. 18 “Police Have No Power to Stop Bluks’ Meetings”

Nov. 25, 1907 p. 7 “Even Though A Preacher” Glenn Cook “erstwhile gliggiest of the Gliggy Bluks” sent to workhouse for assaulting Ralph R. Cone

Feb. 24, 1908 p. 7 “’Tongues’ at Allen Chapel”
March 4, 1908 p. 7 Gliggy Bluk Mother Tries Faith Healing”
March 5, 1908 p. 5 “Faith Healer Arrested”
March 5, 1908 p. 16 “Gliggy Bluk Preacher Fined For Contempt”
March 7, 1908 p. 3 “’Gliggy Bluks’ Threaten Constable Hildebrand”
March 9, 1908 p. 13 “Colored Gliggy Bluk Punished and Warned”
April 1, 1908 p. 1 “Gliggy Bluks Off For Wilds of Africa”

Dec. 21, 1910 p. 7 “’Gliggy Bluks’ In Court”

Jan. 11, 1913 p. 14 “Denies Allegations of ‘Gliggy Bluk’ Woman”
(See Friday Caller (Plainfield IN) Jan. 10, 1913 p. 1)

Indianapolis Star

Feb. 1, 1907 p. 5 “Seek New Religious Speech” Mentions G. A. [Glenn?] Cook
April 17, 1907 p. 1 “’Gliggy Bluks’ Meet”
April 18, 1907 p. 15 “Stutterer Speaks at “Glug[sic]” Service” Mentions S. B. Osborn “until recently leader of the Church of Zion,” followers of John Alexander Dowie.
April 19, 1907 p. 1 & 3 “’Bluks’ Pay No Rent” Mentions Sarah Cripe
April 21, 1907 p. 1 & 7 “Gives Bluks $8,000” Sarah Cripe
April 22, 1907 p. 7 “’Bluk’ Followers Grow”
April 23, 1907 p. 11 “Bluk’s Faith Fades” Joe Ballard (See April 21, 1907 p. 7)
April 25, 1907 p. 1 “Says Christ is Coming”
Mentions Cecilia Smock and traveling book agent, Frederick Peters
April 26, 1907 p. 15 “Sister Cripe Jocose”
April 27, 1907 p. 5 “Tongues Crush Idols” Sister Alice
April 29, 1907 p. 10 “Bluks’ Home Not Found”
April 30, 1907 p. 15 “Bluks Live On Easy Street”
May 5, 1907 p. 1“Negro Bluk Beats Demon From Girl” Ernest Lloyd.
Mentions Glenn Cook
May 6, 1907 p. 12 “Heaven Clothes Tom”
May 8, 1907 p. 3“’Bluk’ Apostle and one of the Bluks” Picture of Glenn Cook and Ernest Lloyd “Cook off For South”
May 9, 1907 p. 3 “Negro Bluk Coming”Seymore
May 9, 1907 p. 9 “Bluks’ Patron Saint” Sarah
May 13, 1907 p. 12 “Police Visit ‘Bluks’”
May 15, 1907 p. 15 “Two Leaders in the Bluk Meetings” Picture of Charles Bucy and J. O. Lehman
May 19, 1907 p. 40 “Young Girls, Mere Children, Speak ‘Tongue’ of the Bluks”
Sister Alice and Sister Osborn
June 2, 1907 p. 36 “Devil Pursues Bluk” Glenn Cook
June 3, 1907 p. 3 “Negro Bluk Kissed” W. J. [William] Seymore
June 4, 1907 p. 1 & 3 “Bluks Divide Home” Mrs. Tom Oddy
June 5, 1907 p. ? “Negro Bluk ‘Blows’”
June 6, 1907 p. 3 “Oddy Asks Divorce Because of Bluks” Tom Oddy and Ida May Oddy
Picture of Cummings Family (mentioned in several articles above)
June 7, 1907 p. 1 & 12 “Foils Bluk at Altar” Josephine Turnbull (336 Audubon Rd, Irvington) halts wedding between George Cooper and Etta Cline
June 9, 1907 p. 16 “Bluks Fail in Efforts to Rout ‘Police Demon’”
June 10, 1907 p. 12 “Bluk Crowd Runs Over”
June 11, 1907 p. 15 “Police After Bluks”
June 12, 1907 p. 3 “Bluks to Wash Feet”
June 14, 1907 p. 17 “Bluk ‘Power’ Gone” Ballad of the Gliggy Bluk
June 15, 1907 p. 3 “Brother Cook Was a Real ‘Bad Man’”
June 15, 1907 p. 10 “The Gliggy Bluk Language”
June 16, 1907 p. 10 “Bluk Feet, Little and Big, Scrubbed”
Picture of Mrs. Tom Oddy being baptized
Picture of “Crowd on creek bank, and the lone figure, Brother Cook, in the water”
June 17, 1907 p. 3 “Young Mob Assails The Bluks’ Temple”
Nov. 25, 1907 p. 3 “Old Bluk Leader Arrested”
Glenn Cook charged with assaulting Ralph R. Cone of Pentecostal Band
Nov. 26, 1907 p. 3 “Bluk Leader Goes to Jail”

Feb. 24, 1908 p. 1 Bluks Invade Allen Chapel and Stop Sermon”
Feb. 25, 1908 p. 1 “Invade the Bluks’ Temple”
Feb. 26, 1908 p. 3 “’Gliggy Bluks’ are Fined”
March 3, 1908 p. 14 “Gliggy Bluk Bars Doctor”
March 4, 1908 p. 4 “Woman Receives ‘Gift of Tongues’ and is Arrested” Clara Howell
March 4, 1907 p. 4 “Boy Denied Doctor”
March 5, 1907 p. 1 “Gliggy Bluk Pleads Own Case and Pays 3 Fines” Thomas Henry Prentice

March 5, 1907 p. 10 “Held On Cruelty Charge”
March 6, 1907 p. 14 “Doctors Treat Crippled Boy”

Feb. 15, 1913 p. 1 “’Gliggy Bluk’ Meeting Disrupted by Intruder Disrobing in Public”

Indianapolis Sun

April 24, 1907 p. 3 “Trance Followed Sermon By Cook”

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 Re: Gliggy Bluks

Interesting....... but????

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My thoughts too.

So what?

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: Gliggy Bluks

I looked this term up and it wasn't with a fond heart people used the term, "Gliggy Bluks." Sad.

Still more troubling was pentecostals' perceived tendency to blur the line between inconsiderateness and fraud. In 1913 Sarah E. Cripe of Indianapolis sued the Reverend D. Wesley Myland, founder of Gibeah Bible Institute - popularly known as a "Gliggy Bluk" center-for pressuring her into giving $2000. Myland insisted that she had donated the money of her own free will. Cripe's attorneys retorted that Myland had extorted the sum by claiming a divine vision in which she would be damned if she did not.

Excerpt from:
Heaven Below: Early Pentecostals and American Culture by Grant Wacker

Not much has changed, has it?

April 26, 1907 p. 15 “Sister Cripe Jocose
March 4, 1907 p. 4 “Boy Denied Doctor”
March 3, 1908 p. 14 “Gliggy Bluk Bars Doctor”

Oh that we would put Christ's reputation before ours.


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Not much has changed, has it?

This reminds me of the saying "one thing that history teaches us is that people do not learn from history." However, I would hope that earnest seekers will be the exception.

Sandra Miller

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 Re: Gliggy Bluks

some have asked "so what?" as to why i posted this.

During the early days of the Pentecostal move of God, in the US, much scorn was placed on these saints, "gliggy bluk" was the secular press's way of mocking glossolalia.

also in the secular press of the day, they seemed to be fixated on the fact that blacks and whites worshipped together, after all, this was 1907, and "anti-lynching" laws were still being debated in various legislatures. Hence the secular press heaped great scorn on these early pentecostals.

They also recieved great scorn and rebuke from those within the body of believers, ie from within the ranks of "holiness" churches, CMA, others, which is interesting to me....people, fallen mankind, does so love to tussle, when it appears God is doing a new thing.

thats all, i just thought the headlines enid, thats "what".

smiling at you, neil

 2010/6/22 10:45

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I'm going to absolutely jump topic now, concerning something that was mentioned. The fact that blacks and whites were worshipping together at this time.

In a book I have concerning the 1858 revival in New York, there was a list of meetings given.

Here's what it says.

Broome Street Reformed Dutch Church (corner of Greene)
Spring Street Hall (colored)

Maybe the meetings were held at these places with black and white mixing. But in 1858, that would be doubtful.

And yet, it did not hinder the revival.

God bless.

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Enid, you can jump topic any day with me, in this regards blacks and whites worshipping together.

you wrote:

"Maybe the meetings were held at these places with black and white mixing. But in 1858, that would be doubtful.

And yet, it did not hinder the revival."

maybe not, maybe so, only God knows. But consider this, maybe God in His Sovereign Mercy brought revival to these people, so as to annoint the men for burial, because not several years later, our nation found itself wrapped in the hell of civil war, the foundation of which was the wicked sin of slavery, there is no covering one can apply to that national sin, of which we still bear the consequences to this very day.

One can argue and argue, "states rights" as the cause of the civil war, but thats a fleshly lie forged in the anvils of hell. This nations forefathers, those men who crafted the constitution, "all men are created equal", stumbled right out of the gate when they failed to deal with this sin in the first congressional congress, 1775-76.

but i digress, we've been stacking one national sin on top of another since our independence, and the slowest lil turtle to acknowledge this truth in many many instances is the church.

Dont get me wrong, the church has been out front and right on, about homosexual marriage, abortion, but the original national sin has always been slavery, because slavery was born out of that vile lust for money power and greed.

Which places us right where were are today; people worship money, both high and low, so what's happening? The whole system of mammon, money, is falling apart. The nation's bankrupt, for a plethora of reasons to vast to enumerate.

Even the nation's priests, pastors play right into this whole ungodly demonic brew, and they have been exposed, unmasked, and we wonder why the young ones regard the "church" as irrelevant and a gaggle of white washed tombs and hypocrites?

and we havent seen anything yet, the worst is yet to come, mankind is so arrogant and fallen, that scientists actually developed a weapon that can mimic the power of the sun for a millisecond, playing little "gods", and we worship and hide behind these weapons. We worship war. Everything we do is designed for war, the only thing we now manufacture in the US are these weapons of war.

and please dont mistake what i'm trying to say with my words, i'm not "liberal" nor "conservative", i love the country of my birth, but when you love something or someplace with passion, and you see that person or entity going astray, should one not call out in the Spirit of the Lord?

Do we actually think our weapons and the world of military bases spread over the globe, 752 at last count will "protect us"?...or that we force our "national will", our so-called "force projection" upon the world, while at home we are now bankrupt, both in money terms, and bankrupt in the Gaze of Jesus?

There is coming a day, and it is coming soon, when the "prince of persia" sitting atop his lake of oil, will join with communist "kings of china", and bring us to ruin, utter defeat, cities burned to the ground, millions dead, their very bodies turned into cinder and ashes.

we have been given so much, and squandered it so greatly, how can we do anything but tear our clothes and weep to God for mercy?

as God leads me, that's why it hurts and pains me so badly when i see such division in the Body of Christ, The Church of God in the united states, TODAY.

i pray my words are what God laid on my heart, my only defense being Jesus, Him Crucified and Ressurrected, and the Blood of Jesus, wholly and utterly sufficient for ALL cleansing of sin.

 2010/6/22 11:48

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