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 Wasting your Life For Jesus

A dear sister in the Lord shared this with me several years ago, and I asked her recently to type out that account, because I plan on using this in part of a sermon that I will be preaching shortly.


Jonathan Wallace. He used to belong to one of the biggest Penecostal denominations in America and be on the board of directors. Hewould minister with very big names in Christiandom. They would call him into take the offerings, cause he was really good at getting a good offering.

Then one night he had a dream. In the dream he saw himself on a great big game board in a little car. His minister friends where with him. One would shout out.. "I just held a revival and 300 got saved and 150 got filled with the Holy Ghost!" and Jonathan would shout out to that brother.. Praise God brother.. you get to move up 2 spaces!

And another brother would say, "I just held a tent meeting and there where over 500 healed and saved!" and Jonathan would say to that person.. "Thats great! You get to move up 4 spaces!"

And then Jonathan heard himself proclaim similar exploits and he moved his little car up a few spaces as well. And then he heard the voice of God speak and say.. "YOUR PLAYING GAMES WITH THE MINISTRY!" God told him to get out of it and start fresh with Him if he still wanted to walk in the annointing.

So he left his leadership in this great big denomination, and his church of over 2000 and went and pastored a church in Canby Beach, OR and had 12 people.

He says that the church would grow for a bit, and then spilt over something so silly and be back to 12. And it was always a differant 12 people too!
He said to us that he figured Jesus had 12 and it was good enough for Him!

We one night he was desperate and just couldn't bear to preach again to the same 12 people. He was getting messages that has so much power behind
them.. he knew that they needed to be preached to thousands. And instead God's giving him these sorts of messages to 12 people in a tiny run down
church building in Camby, OR.

He told his wife he just couldn't preach tonight and for her to preach. And he went out into the back porch of the church and from what I understand pouted a bit. He yelled out to God... "Father Im wasting my life here!" And immediatly Holy Spirit revealed to him that scripture about mary pouring out the alabastor box of annointing oil over Jesus, and the disciples said..... What a Waste!

And Jesus said to Jonathan... "Are you willing to waste your life here for me at Camby? And he surrendered and preached that night.

>From what I understand, Shortly after that he was at a parade in Camby and was watching these huge horses walk by, when one got spooked and bucked
up... and in the process kicked a baby stroller in the air. And Jonathan watched as the baby flew out and up about 15 feet and landed on his/her back and head. The baby immediatly turned blue, and was obvisiouly dead. Its body look broken and fell so very hard on the cement. In all the confusion everyone screaming and running here and there.. the mom ran and grapped the child and for some reason stuck it in Jonathan's hands.. she said.. MY BABY... .Here... MY BABY!!! He didn't know this woman.. and didn't know why she was giving the baby to him. But he just did the first thing that came to mind... he lifted the child up and from what I remember just said Jesus! And the baby immediatly started crying. People who had seen the accident and knew the child had died where all looking with astonishment and the mother took the baby and began to weep. Then Jonathan said to the Lord inside his heart... "Ohhhh Lord.... THIS must be how your going to start my
ministry!" And then he felt the spirit grieved and he heard the voice of God say... RUN! RUN! RUN! And he obeyed and did. It was in the paper.. written up.. but no one knew who the man was. People gave differant descriptions of what the man looked like too. So the paper didn't have
anything to go with. He wasn't allowed to tell anyone what happened for a long time.

Since this story happened, the Lord called Jonathan Wallace as a missionary to Congo, where he has been imprisioned several times due to persecution. The one sister tells me he has planted 200 some churches over there, and he still comes back to the states from time to time to run his business that he started over here, which is his source of income.

So, are you willing to waste your life for Jesus?

Jimmy H

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