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 The cross of other people

"In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."

- 1 Thessalonians 5:18(KJV)

This morning when I stood up to get to another seat we all lurched forward because the bus had to make a sudden stop or turn. My bag must have brushed a woman standing near the exit because before she got off the bus, she said something to me about it.

She pointed out that I had not said 'excuse me'.

I politely obliged her and appologised. But it was all a formality. My appology, albeit spoken softly, and politely, with half a smile, was not at all from my heart.

In fact, after she left and I continued to think about it the more irritated I was that she even mentioned it to me! If the bag did touch her, it couldn't have been more than a brush, and besides, we're on a moving bus and people bump into each other!


After a few minutes of churning over how peevish the whole thing was to even mention, I had to laugh quitely to myself. And give thanks to God.

I had to chuckle, and give thanks to God for the cross of other people. To say 'thank you Lord' for the blessing of other people that may come and go in our lives, whose attitudes challenge us to surrender our own rights, our right to be offended and irritated with them.

No doubt I have been a cross to someone else before and something I have said or done has irritated them. And this was a very small thing, it was a very light cross. I might not do so well with something heavier, but for this I could give thanks. And thank God, for the cross of other people and the opportunity to lay down my rights.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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