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 Excuse a weak church?

As long as it is called "Today", I will salt my words with warnings and encouragments for all who call upon the Lord with me. I would hope my brothers and sisters would do the same to me.

I attended a service this weekend which was completely uninteligble. From the singers who were over powered by instruments, to the preacher who spoke too close to the mike. In the end I walked out before the communion was offered. How can I partake in a holy ceremony without knowledge?

Should we expect that Jesus is glorified with their service? I can't tell you for sure what Jesus thinks of that place. Did I find the food I sought? I can tell you a truth: NO. I find no excuse for what they called worship. And I will offer no excuse for them. Should not the church judge itself? And shouldn't the Lord be glorified with all possible understanding?

Many hold religion as talking about God. God's people will listen to Him speak through His servants. And His servants will speak as God directs them. He will be heard. How else does God remain justified in saying that man will be without excuse. It is the soul which is blinded in those perishing. Their ears work just fine (for the most part).

I encourage us all to be clear and put away entertainment. And if technology gets in the way, go around it. It's the Lord of Heaven who will be worshiped.

By His Grace.

Paul Horton

 2010/6/7 11:54Profile

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 Re: Excuse a weak church?

The call of the gospel is still compelling.
His grace is irresistable; His love is
undeniable; His promises timeless and true.
If the Church has lost its relevance for
today, it is because it has forgotten its
place and purpose: it serves as the Body
of Christ!!

Martin G. Smith

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Joined: 2007/6/27
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Omaha, NE


The chief danger of the Church today
is that it is trying to get on the same
side as the world; instead of turning
the world upside down. Our Master
would have us be mindful of our mission.
Our Master expects results, even if they
bring conflict and opposition. Anything
is better than compromise, indifference,
and paralysis. GOD give us an intense
fervor for the old-time power of the
gospel and the filling of the Holy Spirit!!


Martin G. Smith

 2010/6/7 16:53Profile

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