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 Jesus, the same

George Fox (1624-1691) taught publicly and boldly, without apology, that true faith in Jesus Christ purifies and gives victory over sin. ‘He fervently exhorted men to pursue complete holiness rather than empty religious ceremonies. As a result, he was often beaten, stoned and driven out of town. Fox also often pointed out that what was commonly called the Church was only a building, not a church. He boldly declared that only the fervent believers of Christ were the living stones and the true Church, not those things called churches by men.

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 Re: Jesus, the same

Our LORD'S earnest prayer and desire for
His disciples and followers was that they
become one in heart, mind, purpose, and in
the Spirit!! This is still His desire for
His Body!!

Martin G. Smith

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 Re: Jesus, the same

There is a taste within each child of God for truth. This truth is sweet to the tongue and bitter for the stomach.

There is a smell of heaven in the words of truth. A certain scent which catches the nose of our soul and wakes our desire for more.

When the truth of Jesus and His people is spoken the Spirit of God testifies with "Amen". And all His people hear Him speak it.

What you are speaking today is laced with that truth sought by billions called. We are His and we will hear.

May the God of Great Glory send His fire on such words. May the Lord of life pounce like a hungry lion on the souls of men, that they might hear and understand. Billions die. Millions live. Even so, Lord Jesus, come.

By His Grace.

Paul Horton

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