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 Sweet Hour of Prayer - a guide for personal prayer and awakening

I found this recently and thought I would share it here, it is a wonderful little guide to praying for revival. I'm not a big fan of prayer guides, I believe prayer is more caught than taught but this little booklet is very helpful, I pray it will be a blessing to you.

A guide for personal prayer and awakening

How to Use This Sweet Hour of
Prayer Spiritual Preparation Guide

1. Set a specific time and a quiet place to work through Sweet Hour of Prayer.

2. Use Sweet Hour of Prayer along with your Bible. Read through the pages. Remember you are in the presence of God.

3. Answer the questions and follow the suggestions.

4. It will take about one hour to read and pray through the guide.

5. DON’T TAKE ANY SHORTCUTS! It is more meaningful to put forth the effort and have the privacy needed to examine yourself.

6. One approach for using Sweet Hour of Prayer is to use it during the Sunday School hour.

7. Another approach is to use Sweet Hour of Prayer during a prayer meeting hour.

We are praying for revival. If we are to have revival-Revival must begin in me.
I must be willing to lay my life, my time, my talents, my money-all that I am, and
all that I have on God’s altar.

The power of the Holy Spirit is the only sufficient power.

God is able to forgive every sin, to cleanse every stain, to save any sinner, to overcome all doubts, to quiet every fear, to meet every need, to use His people in soul-winning,
to bless His people with revival, to give VICTORY.

Revival comes from God to His people.

You are giving yourself to the Lord Jesus who loves you! Jesus who knows you-
your past, your future, all about you. His way is best for you.
Pray for your family-Ask God’s help in your home.
Pray for your church-your pastors, other leaders.
Pray for the weak, sinning members.
Pray for unity and love in the church. Be sure you are a helper-not a problem.
Pray for all the workers in the church- the evangelist, the visitation teams, the music minister, the musician, the choir, the ushers.
Pray for the backslidden Christians.
Pray for the unsaved.
Ask God to burden you for individuals-and use you to reach them.

Bible study, praise, prayer, soul-searching, confession of sin, repentance, emptying of self- These make ready for revival- for filling with the Holy Spirit. Am I willing to be filled with the Holy Spirit? Have I faith enough just to let God do with me as He wills?

Suggested Bible readings:
Psalm 95 and 96
John 4:24
Isaiah 6:1-8

Thank Him for blessings
you have received:
Psalm 9:11
Psalm 67:3
Hebrews 13:15
Four-fold reason for praise: I Peter 2:9

Read: Proverbs 28:13
I John 1: 8-9
Psalm 51: 1-16

Three kinds of sin which we must confess:

1. Private – sins against God alone, Must be confessed to God alone.
2. Personal – sins against others. There can be no peace until these sins are confessed to
God. As God leads, you may have to confess to the person wronged. You must make an effort to restore disturbed fellowship.
3. Public – sins against the Church, the body of Christ, such as Gossip-tale bearing. Neglect of duty, Wrongful attitudes. You can name many others. If these sins are not confessed, you cannot be filled with the Holy Spirit.

He has promised to forgive every sin confessed to Him!
Isaiah 1:8; 44: 21-22
Hebrews 8:12; 10:17
I John 1: 7-9

For yourself, for cleansing, for strength-and for courage to forsake the sins confessed.
Ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit. Trust Him-fear not! Surrender all- self, will, ambition, desires, plans, hopes, times, talents, all. Put all in His hand.

There must be:
1. cleansing…then filling
2. preparing…then interceding
3. yielding…then receiving
4. asking…then praising
5. empowering…then witnessing

Here-alone with God:
1. Take time to examine your own heart.
2. Turn the pages slowly.
3. Consider each question below carefully.
4. Let God guide you.
5. Confess every sin and Ask God’s forgiveness.
“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (I John 1:9)
“If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.”(I John 1:8)

I AM HERE – ALONE WITH GOD! Am I really concerned about revival?

Did I meet every situation today as a Christian should?
Have I honestly tried to be a good witness for Christ today?
Have I worried or been over-anxious about things over which I have no control?
Did I fret?
Did I complain?
Was I guilty of the sin of unbelief?
Do I really believe in the power of God to: Cleanse any sinner? Change any life?
Take care of any situation? Guide me in my decisions?

Am I willing to pay the price?
Am I willing to do anything God wants me to do?
Is revival first in my plans?
Am I sinning the sin of prayerlessness?
Have I neglected the Word of God?
Have I forgiven everyone?
Is all resentment out of my heart?
Am I willing to ask forgiveness from anyone I have wronged in any way?
Is my home a testimony for Jesus?
Am I willing and ready to forgive any wrong against me or against my family?
Do I have any secret sin that I excuse, but should forsake?
Have I forgiven those who have talked about me?
Those who have talked about my loved ones?
Do I have a right attitude toward my fellow church members?
Do I have a right attitude toward leaders in the church?
Does my pastor know that he can count on me?

Can I keep a secret?
Is the reputation of another safe in my hands?
Have I been a tale-bearer or a gossip?
Have I hurt someone-or my church-by needless talk about someone’s faults?
Even if it was true- did I glorify my Lord by telling it?
Did I pray for those involved?
Is my mind HONEST and CLEAN in the sight of God?
Are my thoughts PURE?
Am I faithful to my wedding vows- in DEED? In THOUGHT?
Am I impatient?
Am I irritable?
Am I offended easily?
Do my “hurt feelings keep me from serving God?
Do I get angry?
Do I bear grudges?
Do I “blow up”?
Do I “swell up” with resentment?
Do I have enmity toward anyone?
Am I willing-here and now-to ask God to help me put it out of my heart?

Matthew 6:12-15 and 18: 21-35 Luke 6: 27-37

Have I, in any way, been dishonest with God?
Have I been dishonest with my church?
Have I broken any promise or pledge made to God or to His church?
Since my emergency or crisis is past, have I kept the promises I made in prayer?
Am I dishonest with others?
Do I try to leave a wrong impression if I can do it without really telling a lie?

What about covetousness?
Am I too concerned about things?
Have I sought material Blessings more than spiritual blessings?
Is there anything in my life that I would be unwilling to give up for Christ?
Do I deny myself daily to follow Jesus?
Have I paid all my debts to others?
Do I have anything in my possession that does not RIGHTLY belong to me?
Do I have any habit which I should forsake?
Have I asked God’s help?
Is there jealousy in my heart?
Do I have sinful pride in my heart?
Have I wronged anyone and failed to make restitution?


_________________ ___________________
_________________ ___________________
_________________ ___________________
_________________ ___________________
_________________ ___________________
_________________ ___________________
_________________ ___________________
_________________ ___________________

Love and concern wrote these names. These are people to pray for- not to talk about!
You are invited to join others who are concerned about these. Some are unsaved; some are unconcerned. Some are backslidden.

Some are active-concerned-dedicated- greatly burdened soul-winning Christians.
Add your name if you wish. Be sure to share the names of those for whom you are burdened with other praying Christians. But prayer, like faith, demands work.
Prayer-even united prayer-does not take the place of direct witnessing. Now-as God leads, you must go. So here in the place of prayer, find your burden-your direction-and infusion with power to do the will of God!

For your cleansing,
For His forgiveness.
For the Holy Spirit. For REVIVAL!
For the opportunities He will give you to witness in the coming days.
Expect great things from God. Do not fear to go where He leads and give your testimony.

Acknowledgement The material for this guide is a compilation from several sources. The original material is attributed to Wilson L. Akins, Phoenix, Ariz, 1966.

Ron Halverson

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