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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : Special Bulletin by Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, and Jack Deere re: Paul Cain

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 Re: God is my teacher

I had not heard of any of these mentioned except Rick Joyner, but I loved your reply. If what we hear from man does not match up with the Word and if we don't have a relationship with God where he can teach us, we can easily be misled. God help us stay under the shadow of his Mighty Wing, and commune closely with the Spirit of Truth. If we are familiar with HIM that which is false is more easily spotted, and quickly. This is so sad, that Satan wreaks such havoc in the church, but oh that we would take seriously the warnings given in scripture. As Paul said in Acts 20:28-32, take heed, and then in v. 29 grievous wolves shall enter in among you, (v30) also out of your own selves shall men rise speaking perverse things, drawing away disciples after them.

God help us to try the spirits to see if they be of Christ, and not follow the voice of anyone but the Shepherd's.


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 Re: Christ in us


andrewjames wrote:
This news saddens me, it is a tragedy to the body of christ. Why does it sadden me, because Paul Cain is a great man of God? because Paul Cain has squandered great gifting? or is it because it is a piece of the body that has been seperated from a righteous God. And my dear brothers and sisters this is all that matters.

Amen AJ, amen:-),

An interesting situation has arisen, in my life, regarding this very situation. Recently God revealed to me the increasing importance of being totally transparent in this day and age, through the teachings of Norman Grubb.

This fact is something that I have "know about" as long as I've been "in this game", but knowledge of "truth" is more about "union" than mere "comprehension" (just chew on that one for awile if it don't make sense). I have been struggling with so many areas in my life, like dishonesty, lust, anger, etc, which I clearly heard God say he would not tolerate anymore. Understand that with these areas, I'm not talking about commiting fornication, involvment in pornography, open lying, judgemental critism (as opposed "perceiving faults" in a heart of geniune grief over the honor of God and the person concerned)...but occasional unclean thoughts, "self protecting" exaggeration, and allowing myself to "vent steam" (how's that for an excusable label) occasionally.

Basically the He put it was, "Okay these things are not 'sins' in themselves, but they are simptoms of a deeper root problem. If you keep tolerating it, I'll be left with no other alternative but to allow it to surface into open transgression, if that's what it takes for you to acknowledge it."

While discussing this with one of my peers, that I bounce ideas and concepts off, I perceived a certain hard-heartedness (this was later confessed) in this individual, which led me to present a small degree of "resistance" in the area of heart motives. In the conversation with him, he mentioned an affinity with Paul Cain, in terms of the gifts and calling he walked in. I left him with the warning that to presume a calling with the power that Cain apparently walked in, was a dangerous thing, and could easily verge on covertousness.

In our next conversation, he was beginning to realise the necessity of allowing Christ full control of his life (something that this man "knew about", and was a catalyst in God opening my heart to this truth). He was begining to mention some areas that God was fingering in his life, although time revealed that the issues were primarily surface issues, that could be easily seen by all (this was on the 4th of October).

Through that and the following week, God was increasing pressure, leading to my confession of hidden sins to my wife, which I tought I never would. Other people were coming for advice, only to hear what God was telling me to do. Lives were beginning to change all around me (a very humbling thing, which I loathe to have to confess my involvment...being comforted by the fact that the catalyst, used of God, were tales of my imperfections).

For me, October 22 (the day I read the bulletin)was like the day the world stood still. The next day, my previously mentioned peer tried to contact me, do to some incredible discoveries made, whilst meditating on Gal 2:20, and 1 John 1:9. Upon seeing him, the following day, I showed him the bulletin, to which he simply nodded profusely. Immediately, the floudgates of pride were broken, with him owning up to hidden sins, which he had never told a soul.

Brothers and sisters, I am fully convinced that God has allowed this event to show us that play time is over. We need to either put up, or shut up in "game" we call christianity. God isn't interested in our prayering, biblestudy, preaching, witnessing, activism, etc...unless we begin by openly admitting our hidden faults to our brethren. Anything else is pride, in the purest form.

Either we put up our faults before men, or we shut up, denying their existance, only to have God "scream them from the rooftops".

Anyway...that's what I think.

Aaron Ireland

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 Re: Special Bulletin by Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, and Jack Deere re: Paul Cain

Art Katz shares a little insight of things to come. And was sadden about false prophets, in these end times. And God is exposing them. Download and listen to messages, as he what he preached on (last week).

Click on this link to view and download

[url=]Against False Prophets[/url]

Lawton Ho

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Art Katz shares a little insight of things to come. And was sadden about false prophets, in these end times. And God is exposing them. Download and listen to messages, as he this only last week.

Yes thank you dear brother for sharing that! If you want to hear it on SI its here:

[b][url=](The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy) Against False Prophets[/url] [/b] - by Art Katz (Jeremiah 23:14-40) - We read in the book of Jeremiah severe warnings and an outcry against prophets who have gone astray and lead God's people along with them in their web of deceit. The greatest malady in the Church today is the lack of the fear of God. May we examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith and the faith that is truly rooted in God's Word!

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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