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 Glen Beck, Church historian?

Read this transcript from the Glen Beck radio show.........

"When Constantine decided that he was going to cobble together an army, he did the Council of Nicaea, right, pat? Council of Nicaea, and what they did is brought all of the religious figures together, all the Christians, and they said, “OK, let’s put together the Apostles’ Creed, let’s, you know, you guys do it. and so they brought all their religious Scripture together, that’s when the Bible was first bound and everything else. and then they said, “Anybody who disagrees with this is a heretic and off with their head!”

Well that’s what the Dead Sea Scrolls are. Dead Sea Scrolls are those Scriptures that people had at the time that, they said, “They are destroying all of this truth.” whether it’s truth or not is up to the individual, but that, at that time those people thought that this was something that needed to be preserved. and so they rolled up the scrolls and put them in clay pots and they, they put them in the back of caves. no one could find them. they were hidden Scripture because everything was being destroyed that disagreed with the Council of Nicaea and Constantine. That’s what those things are."

Guys, this is so off the wall. The level of ignorance is truly shocking. Please remember this the next time your tempted to listen to him. You can read the source of the article here......

 2010/5/29 0:39

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 Re: Glen Beck, Church historian?

What you have to remember about Glen Beck is that he is waiting for Jesus to return to Independence Mo. Glen Beck's a Mormon.

SI Moderator - Jeremy Hulsey

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 Re: Glen Beck, Church historian?

Many times when I read a well done article on CNN, e.g., on anything about Christianity, I enjoy reading the comment made by readers. I am always appalled at the ignorance, misconceptions of these posters. It is as though they have absolutely no comprehension skills. Or, they are so anti-Christian, liking Christianity to fundamentalist Islam or the Taliban. And they are so aggressive, so full of hate - and they accuse Christians of hate speech! SIGH.

Just thinking - maybe they never knew a godly Christian, ya' reckon?


Sandra Miller

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I concur Ginny, and I could have been the same way if I hadn't found such favor and honor of men through religious activity. What wonderful grace our Saviour and Lord has for us eh? I guess there is always two sides to a coin, I know there are a lot of people that have been burned by the "church" before and so they seem to take it out on everyone that looks like Church or religion.

Matthew Guldner

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Hi Ginnyrose, unfortunatley this article is about a man of enormous influence, especially amongst Christians. Perhaps this is one reason why there is so much ignorance out there about Christians? Frank

 2010/5/29 9:13

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 Re: Glen Beck, Church historian?

appolus wrote:
unfortunatley this article is about a man of enormous influence, especially amongst Christians. Perhaps this is one reason why there is so much ignorance out there about Christians?

Ah now, Frank, you can't blame Glenn Beck for "so much ignorance out there about Christians's!" (huge grin) That's a lotta weight to shoulder.

We each are responsible for those we influence around us. If more Christians actually kept their word, I dare say that'd influence way more people than Glen Beck!! But maybe I misunderstood what you were saying.

God bless you!


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Perhaps this is one reason why there is so much ignorance out there about Christians? ..

Amo 8:11
(11) Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:

I believe we have a similar situation in the church in America. If you are well grounded in the word of God, you can hear what Beck says and easily recognize the error. If you are not will grounded in the word, well then.......

How we need teachers of the word to begin to teach the word of God among the body of Christ today.

I occasionally listen to Beck. His knowledge of current events is good. Even as a person who is not a Christian he can see something of where this world is headed. But he is not a man who has any good grasp of the Word of God. He needs Jesus!


 2010/5/29 9:46Profile


HI Lysa. I think you do mis-understand what I am saying. In the quote you used......

"unfortunatley this article is about a man of enormous influence, especially amongst Christians. Perhaps this is one reason why there is so much ignorance out there about Christians"

I merely draw attention to the fact that he has enormous influence amongst Christians. If he can be so ridiculously mis-informed about even the most basic facts of the foundation of the church and the Dead sea scrolls, how much more mis-informed can he be about current events? I did not put the weight upon his shoulders, which is why I wrote " perhaps this is one reason," amongst many. No, the weight is upon the Christian Frank

 2010/5/29 10:55

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 Re: Glen Beck, Church historian?

I don't think that Glen Beck has ever contended that he was a "Church historian." He is little more than a political pundit. I have read that he is a Mormon and this might be the source of some of the wacky things that he has said. I don't really listen to him, but I have heard him say a few things on occasion that I agreed with. I guess that the same is true with any person -- whether politicians, political pundits, professors or even teachers/preachers in the Church. In fact, "ignorance" is rampant in the Church too. After all, there have been some "wacky" things said from pulpits (and keyboards) too.

When it comes to anyone, I think that we should proceed with the encouragement of Paul and "test everything" yet "hold on to the good" (I Thessalonians 5:21).


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